Hey, little puppy tied to the leash,
How do you feel?
Happy that your owner gave you the treat?
Hey, little puppy, have you learnt to do the tricks yet?
Do you sit and jump when they say it now?
Now you’re not so little and you’re still tied to the leash, do you know how magnificent the world is?
Oh, my bad. Your world lies in those four walls.
Sometimes a park and a lawn. Nothing beyond.
Hey doggo, you old now.
How do you feel?

They left you now in a shelter home.
Now your world is even smaller.
A cage at most I suppose.
The saddest part is that you can’t do anything about it because you know no better.
Did they not tell you that you used to be a wolf?
Untamed and untethered.
They were just wicked and treacherous.
They fooled you.
They told you how weak you are without them and soon you believed them.
Alas! Now you lay inside a cage.
Waiting to die a dog’s death.
Oh, mighty wolf, how do you feel?

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