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Being grateful amid COVID-19

Being grateful amid COVID-19

The society in which we live today has caught up us in hustle, that we do not have even a single minute for ourselves. We don’t have time for our families, friends and loved ones. The hectic lifestyle that we have adopted has disrupted the social relationships. Lack of communication, love, misunderstandings among relationships has been observed. At this time of crisis, everyone has confined themselves to their homes, one can utilize the time with their loved ones which could not have been possible in normal days. Covid-19 has taken such a great toll on our lives. Everything has changed. The pandemic has given the world a new definition.

Let’s spend time with family members and express our gratitude towards them. Let’s express them how significant they are in our lives. Let’s give our relationships a fresh start. To do so nothing is better than gratitude. Gratitude is considered as one of the most underestimated ways anyone can apply to promote happiness and positivity in their lives.

Instead of waiting for someone to express gratitude, be the first one to express your thankfulness to your loved ones. There are numerous ways in which one can express gratitude and thankfulness towards their loved ones. One of the easiest ways is just to say “thank-you” with a smile. Spending time with your parents is another way to express gratitude and love for them. Researchers have demonstrated that when someone expresses gratefulness towards other people, they tend to feel happier, calmer and as a result it opens up various ways of goodness and positivity enter into our lives.

Benefits of gratitude

  • Gratitude enhances the ability to deal with stressful life events, develops a sense of confidence when confronted with difficulty, and has proved to have long-lasting effect on your ability to be resilient
  • Improves a sense of well being
  • Enhances healthy and more fulfilling relationships
  • It is also observed to cultivate other virtues like patience, humility and wisdom
  • Moreover, gratitude is a deeper feeling of appreciation for someone that produces long-lasting positivity and pleasure both physically and psychologically

(Check out this space next week to know about practical ways to cultivate gratitude)

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