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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

Who would have known that an unknown journey started in a pandemic would be a rescue to hard times?

I came to know about the magazine project from my friend and co-editor Nikhil, who wanted me to sign up for the write-ups. I started writing for the GOGO in 2020 when the world was abiding by uncertainty and traumas. Already thinking that I have lost my ability to express myself, I gave this magazine a try. If not for it, I would have stopped writing altogether. Therefore, it certainly upholds a special significance in my life. To have a platform for expressing your ideas, opinions, and agitation in different languages and genres is rare and GOGO deserves due credit for that. I have seen the magazine rise from genesis, being dynamic throughout and getting better by every edition. The editors have been very cooperative and unique in their approach.

I wish the founders and the team the best of luck for the magazine and I hope we uptake this journey together for many coming years. In hope, that joy of creation prevails through GOGO, bidding adieu!


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About The Author

Vaishali Thakur

Vaishali Thakur, an undergraduate from Panjab University, expresses her opinions in the language that she dreams in: Hindi. Writing for four years exclusively in Hindi, she believes that all possess a unique power to inspire. She chose to unleash hers by writing. Coke Studio music, dogs and coffee appeals the most to her. A firm believer in the 'The power of one', she believes that a single person can make a difference in the world.

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