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Rubal Choudhary – a published author and a record holder

Rubal Choudhary – a published author and a record holder

“A girl with wings, who not only wants to fly but also wants to achieve all possible things which can be achieved on this planet. Just like the falcon she wants to fly high, breaking all barriers coming in her way.”

She is Rubal Choudhary from Gurgaon, Haryana, Currently doing English Hons. Delhi University. Rubal aspires to become a Govt officer. A selenophile, avid read, artist and whatnot, she is an ambivert and a learner who only wants to learn and grow. She is a record holder and has been a part of several awards.

Here is Rubal Choudhary in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a writer begin?

The writing was not a cup of my tea and as we have always heard “Unexpected things are the most beautiful” and yes it holds true in my case. Writing has given me the most beautiful thing; “My Growth”.I never thought to write but with time I got interested into content writing and then it all started. Preparing contents for different blogs, websites etc was fun and trust me the best part was to do research. And I as a person loves to read and search about anything and everything which is possible on this entire planet. We never know, when will our lives take an unexpected turn in the right direction, so it happened to me. Through content writing, I met few people and got to about writing. From writing quotes to posting them to connect with people, I explored with time.

2) Tell us about your upcoming book? 

My Next Book which is coming in July is “My Way to the Moon”. “A moon is a great companion to live with”My Way to the Moon is a collection of prose swirling between the chants of the moon symbolising Eternity and Immortality. One could easily relate to the quotes and poetries I have carved on the topic “MOON”. The book is all about Moon and for the ones who love Moon i. e. Selenophiles. It holds both a Bad and a Good side of a human, symbolising Love and Unity.

3) Which has been your life-changing moment?

There came a time, where I got to know about Anthology, publishing and etc. And from there my real journey began. Firstly, a co-author, then a compiler and finally the Head of a publication house. Working day and night is what I like and perfection is in my blood. And, then my fate changed, the only thing I ever dreamt of was being a record holder, I worked day and night, talked to a lot of people, verified everyone writes up and finally became an “India Book of Record” Holder. From their my journey to be a successful record holder continued. I achieved Vajra World Records, Kalam World Records, and the most prestigious and the hardest one, Asia Book of Records. I then started earning titles, “AAJ KI WOOMANIYA” is my favourite, it actually defines me, “beauty with brains” and a “kiddo with perfection”.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

That one thing which inspires me to write is my ownself. I really feel self motivation is needed and only I can give myself strength.

5) Tell us about your current working Firm? 

Awards are something that motivates one to work harder. It is something which nourishes a good job. Awardsarc is an online award platform that is presented to all talented and dedicated person, who is doing their best in their field. It is just like recognizing talent and appreciating them. Awardsarc is not like other awards. The awardee goes through a selection process. Hundreds of people across the country nominate themselves for the title, but only some amount of people are selected for the title who is really deserving. As the tagline of AwardsArc suggests “Awards you always want to cherish”, that one or the other person is unique on their own and have some extraordinary skills.

6) Share your achievements with the magazine.

– Founder of AwardsArc and a writing community – “Writers Jugalbandi”
– Other than this she has co-authored 75+ Anthologies, and has Compiled 30 books.
-Recognized by India book of records for the unique book BLACK.
– Currently recognised in Kalam’s World Record for the book 7 Sins.
– Recently recognized for the book- “Pink is not only meant for girls” by Vajra World Records.
– GRANDMASTER by Asia Book of Records for the book – *Art of Translation*
– Featured as “Aaj Ki Woomaniya” in a National Magazine  “Taare Zameen Par” in October Edition 2020. 
– Currently got featured in an international Magazine- “DeMode” Edition Oct- Nov 2020 for her upcoming solo book.
– Received the Inspiration Indian Award 2020 from Anandshree Organization.
– Nominee of Ne8x Litfest 2020
– Received KBR – INTERNATIONAL KALAM’S GOLDEN AWARDS, WORLD RECORD LEGENDS MEET 2021 under 2 categories- Best Writer of the Year and Best Achiever of the year.
– Got The Real Super Woman 2020 by FSIA.
– Featured in the celebrity magazine – “Inspirant” under January 2021 edition for the title- Journey of Records.
– Is a Be the Change (BTC) Awardee
– Indian Republic Star Awardee 2021
– Sahityakosh Samman Awardee 2021
– Selected Participant of TZP Confident Woman 
– Featured at Mt. Kenya Times
– IT Global Golden Awardee
– Tridesta Magazine Feature for March Month
– Indian Record holder for Mass attempt on Republic Day and Woman’s Day
– Face of The Great Podium
– International Global Awardee
– Opus Talents Awardee 2021
– Writer’s Ink Awardee 2021
– Tagore Commemorative Honouree Author of the year 2021
– Titles Women Of Tomorrow by Hope International World Records
– Editor India/Asia at Mt. Kenya Times
– Woman Victory Awardee 2021 under the category Woman Empowerment
– Featured in International Magazine – Classico Opine under Exclusive Interview by Mt. Kenya Times
– Kalam Ratna Awardee
– Inspiring Star of the Year by Priya Wisdom Publication.
– Achiever of The Year Award by Forever Star Book of World Records

7) Which has been the most proud moment of your life?

Each day is a Proudest Moment for me, but yes, every title which I have got to date is special and indeed a motivator to move forward.

8) How was life in quarantine?

My life at the very start of Quarantine was really boring, but writing, my work and my passion kept me going. Reading, Writing and Researching never let me be alone, I found a new version of myself.

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