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THE EXPLORESTER | SNEHA & MANAS – Setting travel goals for young India!

THE EXPLORESTER | SNEHA & MANAS – Setting travel goals for young India!

The Explorester is a visual blog with a different perspective of exploring a place, in its authentic form and not the front being put out for the tourists. It gives you your next travel ideas, aims to show you the beautiful places to visit, the best things to do and the best places to stay during your vacation. The Explorester is about experiencing the place’s local culture, food and exploring offbeat locations just like the locals do. It is your guide for beautiful, unseen and unheard of places. And with this, it came to giving travel goals for Young India!

They were best friends before they decided to get married and annoy each other for the rest of their lives. The thing they had in common on top of their bucket list was watching the Aurora Borealis dance over their heads and that’s what they did on their honeymoon. They both are Entrepreneurs and have travelled to over 20 countries but are NOT looking to become full-time travellers anytime soon. Their lives can be summed up as slogging their asses and chasing flights.

Here are Sneha and Manas in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a Travel Blogger begin?

Back then every time we tried making travel plans with our friends, it never went beyond Goa. We spent an eternity convincing them otherwise. That’s when we realized how unexplored India was and how we, Young India, lacked awareness of what our country has to offer. India is such a diverse country and Explorester was conceived to convey this spirit. Both of us like to explore like a local, beyond what is “famous” and “touristy”. That’s how we started The Explorester, to give Young India travel goals, in India and around the world.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Every time one travels, they become a new person – a little more humble, a little more modest, and a little more open. And who greater than an inspiration than a better version of yourself? So we would say, our inspiration is the person we become after we travel to a new place after we learn about that place, their culture, their people, and all the adventures that come with it.

3) When did you finally realize to go on a forever vacation together?

Our passion for travelling made us take vacations one after the other. Every holiday, every weekend we were travelling to a new place.  After our first few trips, we realized that we constantly needed something to look forward to. So now before we are back from one trip, we already have the next one planned. But, we are not full-time travellers. We are both entrepreneurs and working hard, trying to save as much as we can, making our work as digital and remote as we can, so that hopefully someday we can be on a forever vacation together.

4) How do you try and set couple goals for young India?

Haha, we try and set “Travel Goals for Young India”. Our travels, experiences, and adventures wouldn’t be the same for us without each other. So.. we think it’s about living your dream life with your best friend and that’s some goals! Isn’t it?

5) What is the one most beautiful thing about being a traveller with your partner?

Haha…I have a personal photographer with me and I don’t have to ask strangers to click my pictures. But jokes apart, just knowing that we both share the same wanderlust is beautiful. New places to explore, surprising locations, living our fears, endless adventures, and lots of smiles and laughter make every part of this journey beautiful. 

6) Suggest three best destinations for travelling in India. 

3 is so difficult. If you ask me 50, that’s easier. But the 3 destinations would be – 

  1. Ladakh, of course, our favourite, everyone’s favourite.
  2. Spiti Valley
  3. North Sikkim

7) Tell us something about your company – Explorester Holidays. 

In India, everyone talks about “holiday packages”. They aren’t aware of the perks of a customised holiday – a holiday exclusively designed for you, keeping all your preferences in mind. Explorester Holidays is an extension of The Explorester and our motto is to “Design Dream Vacations”. We customize and plan luxury holidays exclusively for couples, offering handpicked travel experiences from across the globe. 

Consider us like you legal or financial consultant, just much, much more fun. It’s been around one year since the inception of Explorester Holidays, and we are blown away with the response (even with the pandemic situation at hand). There was this definite gap in the market and we are here to service it. 

8) Suggest three tips for the young travel bloggers. 

  • Don’t just get into it because you see other people doing it. Travel is the good part but the smaller part. Blogging is the bigger and the more difficult part. It’s not as rosy and easy as we all make it look.
  • If you decide to get into travel blogging, don’t leave your jobs yet. Start small, start with exploring your city, own state, and then grow as you can. Take small trips around your hometown, on weekends and holidays. And once you think you can sustain yourself on the road, that’s when you leave the security of your job.
  • BE CONSISTENT. We can’t stress this enough. Go slow but consistency is what will take you far.

9) How was life in quarantine?

Life in quarantine has been difficult for everyone, whatever be the profession. Of course, we miss travelling, like A LOT. And even via Explorester Holidays, we recommended staying home and staying safe. But because we are always busy with work, travel, work and travel again, we had a lot of things we intended to do but never really got around to doing it. So we used the quarantine to revamp our website, start a Youtube channel (which was long due), do lots of online classes, and also spend time with our family. So overall I would say it was pretty much a productive quarantine and gave us the calm we needed before the storm.


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