Amid the lockdown and COVID 19, the alcohol consumption took a steep and the alcohol buffs were found to be in a state of disturbance when they found no alcohol. However, the first thing to get reopened after the lockdown with having a non-essential was the alcohol.

However, people are still resisting to go out and stand in lines, where social distancing doesn’t seem feasible. Jeff Benzos came up with his idea of delivering liquor online which would include Beer, Wines, Alcohol and Spirits. Amazon received a green flag from the West Bengal Government. The permission is granted by the West Bengal State Beverage Corporations and meanwhile, Amazon has been called to sign a memorandum of understanding with the state of West Bengal.

The country restricted liquor sales back in March when the country announced its first stage of the lockdown to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak. However, when the sales resumed in certain regions in May, hundreds of people lined up at liquor stores. Stocked up and unable to sell its stock, the liquor industry will benefit from the E-commerce shift.

Amazon will dip its toe into a market worth $27.2 billion as revealed by the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. As for now, it is applied only for the West Bengal and not for the whole nation, as each state has its own Liquor sales policies. Before Amazon, Swiggy and Zomato also initiated for the delivery of liquor in India. This seems to be a good step for the digital and virtual India, as people will receive an incentive to stay at home and have their comfort and essentials on the doorstep.

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