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A story by SGR Visuals

A story by SGR Visuals

“My name is Santiago and I am a travel and commercial Photographer & Filmmaker currently based in Melbourne, Australia. My interest in photography has awakened during a 6 months trip around Southeast Asia, inspired by the diversity and richness of its culture, people and history. Photography has become since then a way to document and share with the world the experiences I was lucky to immerse myself in. Nowadays my work has leaned towards the outdoors and nature, emphasising the connection and interdependence between humans and Mother Earth. This has led me to explore Australia further in order to document its best-kept secrets!”@sgrvisuals

 Encounters – Laos!

I had the chance to explore Laos by motorbike in 2017 and visit some of the most untouched regions. While driving through the Thakhek Loop I came across this local man on his daily commute carrying two buffaloes across the rice fields. We exchanged smiles and with no need of words we agreed on this portrait of him, which I believe shows the purity and kindness of Laotian people.

Not all who wander are lost – Uluwatu!

Bali has become a mecca for tourists from all over the world and it has made it difficult to get in contact with its local people and culture. This image of a local fisherman among a crowd of tourists at the beach comes to show the contrast between the two worlds.

 Among two waters – Lake Mac Donnell!

A place that is hard to describe with words. A gravel road goes through the middle of Lake MacDonnell, separating it into two sections. One of them turns pink during the summer season due to the presence of bacterias, high salinity and warmer temperature

Among giants!

The Black Spur Drive is a scenic road that goes through the Mountain Ash forest, in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria. It is well-known for its tall towering trees and therefore I place myself as a subject to give a sense of scale to the viewer.

 Endless horizon Fowlers Bay!

Australia is a diverse and exotic country and Fowlers Bay is a clear example of it. Extensive sand dunes meet the ocean on the southern coastline. In this case, I wanted to use the sand dunes shapes to lead the viewer to the subject and show the whole world of possibilities ahead of him.


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