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We cannot be a happy mom 100 percent of the time, nobody can be happy 100 percent of the time. However, we are not a failure. No matter how much we try to remain happy and contented, we do encounter small frustrations and annoyances every day. It is a fact that the bad mood of any one person can bring down the mood of everyone else in the family. Thus, we always seek to remain happy. Even the happiest of the moms have unhappy moments.

Motherhood is super hard, also it is a gift we prayed for. Being a parent surely brings tremendous joy and is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it is also very tiring and exhausting. We, the mothers, are on 24*7 duty, no weekends, no sick days off. Our kids are the most important things in our lives. I love my son and always wanted to be a mom. But on some days, I am at the end of my saturation point, I see myself as imperfect, I make mistakes and I am torn. Apparently, I avoid multi-tasking too much when my son is around. If I try to do so, my mind gets overloaded and I easily get cranky. Sometimes we get so caught up and focussed on our kids that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-neglect and ignoring our personal needs makes us feel tired, stressed, and unhealthy. Thus, it becomes difficult to deliver on our kid’s needs. When we focus on ourselves and our needs, we become healthier and happier and have better interaction with our kids, hence we become a better mom.

By changing our thinking from negative to positive, finding time for ourselves, taking out time to relax and de-stress, getting enough sleep to boost our mood and reduce stress, and exercising regularly, we can become healthier and happier to a greater extent. If we are happy, we can take care of our kids in an efficient manner. If we are annoyed, sleep-deprived, or stressed, we will find minute mistakes as blunders and will not be able to devote ample happy time taking care of our kids. We always have this question in our mind if we are doing a good enough job, the way we are raising up our kids. We should remember that God gave us our children for a good reason that we could do this job perfectly in our own way. We should not compare ourselves to other parents. Our parenting styles are not similar in any way.

Self-care leads to a healthy body, positive mental health, and an overall happy life for an exhausted mom. A worn-out, tired, emotionally drained, and sick mom is an angry mom. We ought to feel happy to make our kids happy and to take care of them in a positive way and to cater to their needs efficiently. When we feel stressed and unloved, we are unable to love others, especially our children. If we do not take care of ourselves, we are unable to take care of our kids. For example, if I am extremely sick and do not take out time to go to the doctor, I may become weaker and weaker until I can’t even get up to get my baby food.

Being a good enough mom is not a matter of perspective. It is a fact that we are already good enough. We only have to believe. Obviously, we do everything possible to be a good mother, we just need to be happy as well. We should keep ourselves healthy physically and relax to recharge our minds and emotions. This may make us good and happy moms.

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Komal Gupta

Komal Gupta, a freelance writer, is a recipient of prestigious WEAA INDIA Awards 2020 for Excellence in Content Writing and Blogging. She has Co- Authored over 35 Anthologies and has also written content for Digital Magazines, Upgrading India Official Blog and Happy Motherhood website. Mother of a 2 years old boy, she quit her banking job soonafter her son was born and now she is a happy stay-at-home mom. Presently, she is fulfilling her dream of writing her heart out in her own way. She emphasizes on writing in an elementary accessible style, where readers can connect with her words. She hails from Jammu and Kashmir, however currently residing in Chandigarh. She has done M.A Sociology, along with B.Ed.

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