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What’s happening with Arnab Goswami – hate monger to a murderer

What’s happening with Arnab Goswami – hate monger to a murderer

Besides all the other things like TRP scam, running propaganda, spreading fake news, and doing a witch hunt, now is Arnab have a hand in someone’s suicide, this someone is Anvay Naik, So first of all what is this Anvay Naik case.


Interior designer Anvay Naik, along with his mother Kumud Naik, was found dead at their bungalow in Alibaug in May 2018. The police said Anvay, had committed suicide, the post mortem report of Kumud indicated that she had been strangulated and did not commit suicide.

Police believe Anvay killed her before committing suicide. Following that, the police registered an accidental death report and a case of murder. While Kumud’s body was found on the ground floor sofa, Anvay was found hanging on the first floor by the caretaker of the bungalow.


The police had found a suicide note in which Anvay said he and his mother decided to take the extreme step on account of payments due to them not being cleared by the owners of three companies – television journalist Arnab Goswami of Republic TV, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX/Skimedia and Nitish Sarda of Smartworks. The three firms owed Naik’s company, Concorde Designs Pvt Ltd, Rs 83 lakh, Rs 4 crore, and Rs 55 lakh respectively, the note added. An officer said that during the investigation they found that Anvay was in heavy debt and was struggling to repay money to contractors.

The Raigad police also found that Naik had an NC registered against a contractor in Mumbai after the latter had threatened him to repay the money he had taken. Goswami had however denied this charge and said that he had made the payments.


The local Raigad police that has been investigating the case, but they couldn’t find any evidence, So Raigad police filled to close this case in April 2019 saying that they did not find evidence against the accused named in the suicide note, including Goswami.

However, in May this year, Anvay’s daughter approached the Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh seeking the case be reopened. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had tweeted in May, “Adnya Naik had complained to me that Alibaug Police had not investigated non-payment of dues from Arnab Goswami’s Republic which drove entrepreneur father and grandma to suicide in May 2018. I’ve ordered a CID re-investigation of the case.”

Adnya had also alleged that the police had not investigated the angle of Rs 83 lakh that Goswami had not paid her father that drove him to commit suicide.

While the Home Department had transferred the case to CID in May this year, officers outside Arnab’s residence Wednesday said the very court where the Raigad police had filed a closure report had granted permission Raigad police to reopen the case now. CID officials said they have no case against Goswami. The Maharashtra Police will now be questioning Goswami and ask him to provide evidence to back his claims that he had made the payments due to Anvay. Depending on the investigation they will decide to either close the case or charge-sheet him, and to all the people who are saying that this case has links to others cases, So to them no, this has no links to the cases Goswami faces in connection with Mumbai police.

A team from Mumbai Police went to his residence on Wednesday morning to arrest him and on the same day the police arrested the other two accused 


After the Arnab arrest, Arnab lawyer filed a petition for bail and also for mistreating Arnab, after a day Raigad court order Arnab judiciary custody, After this police also filed a petition in session court for Arnab police custody, on which the next date is 9 November, and Arnab also filed a petition for bail 2 times now but both the time the court has rejected the bail, Arnab lawyer said my lord kindly grant him bail and let him enjoy Diwali, seeking for bail in response the Justice shah said in this pandemic Diwali not meant to be enjoyed, also Bombay high court said Arnab can move to session court but the court must give their decision within 4 days.

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