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VE SHANDOR – Animal photographer and an adventure seeker

VE SHANDOR – Animal photographer and an adventure seeker

“My name is Veronika, and I am from a little country called Slovakia (middle Europe). I live and breathe for dogs, adventure, and photography. My passion for dog photography started when I became a happy owner of my first dog, Nabu. I quickly realized that I need lots of dogs around me and also I need to cuddle with every dog I meet. Three years ago, I became a professional dog photographer; it started right after a new family member came into our lives. Her name is Jada, and she was born to be a professional dog model. Thanks to my two girls (both are border collie), my passion more and more grew and I realized I want to make other people as happy as I am when I am looking at pictures of my two girls. My goal is to capture the uniqueness of each dog and transfer our love for them into photos. We are a very adventurous family. We adore hiking, climb mountains, search for marvellous lakes or swim in the seas. Together we have already visited 14 European countries, and plan to visit more.”

Some times ago I took a photo of Bejli, a dog of my friend @rawdoglifestyle I took this photo on our “first date ” haha. They won free photo-shooting with me at a dog charity event and I am glad that they didn’t throw it away because I was their competitor or I don’t know how to name it. But they came and we have a blast time and since then we are good friends … and we have biiiiig plans for the future.

Dandelion heaven 💛
This is a story about why you always should bring your camera everywhere you go. ⁠We went to visit our families after a long time and I was like… should I bring my camera with me ?…will I have time to take some pictures? ….well of course I took my camera with me 😀 and it turned out to be a great decision. Because after 1-hour drive, we stopped at the gas station ..and there, in the most unexpected place ever, it was… amazing dandelion field. It looked like yellow sea I was so happy that I had my camera with me and of course during this visit, I also took the ladder photo and those photos in sakura tree ALWAYS TOOK YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU!!

Recently I have been having so many well-behaved puppies on shootings, so obedient…. my own dogs weren’t so well behaved as puppies. Do you also enjoy capturing puppies ? after the puppy session I am totally energised. BTW…I want a new puppy, my puppy biological clocks are screaming!⁠

Early morning vibes. Don’t you just adore when you find your dogs enjoying those precious moments just like you do?⁠

It was my dream to take a photo of Irish Wolfhound, and I am so happy that it finally happened! Do you have a breed that you want to see or take a photo of? ⁠

How do you feed your dogs? We recently started with raw food … and it was a great decision. We will see how it will be while travelling but .. I am not scared anymore 😀 Girls are healthy and happy, and they even have more variable food than I ! I should take an example from them.

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