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Dr. Arpit Bansal – A Cancer Surgeon having seen over 900 Bird Species

Dr. Arpit Bansal – A Cancer Surgeon having seen over 900 Bird Species

“I am a Cancer and Advanced Laparoscopic surgeon, and work as Director of Multispecialty 200 bedded Hospital in Allahabad. I did my MBBS from Mumbai and MS from Nagpur in 2009. I am also a spiritual person by heart and a Kundalini Reiki Master and Advanced Yoga practitioner. In the COVID pandemic, I did a lot of free consultations for COVID-19 patients both online and offline. In India only, I have seen and photographed 866 species of birds to date and still counting. I have also seen and clicked over 250 species outside India. I haven’t done a professional course for bird watching. I started it 11-12 years ago and learned it by following Indian birds and posts related to them on Facebook. I also read the book “Birds of the Indian Subcontinent” by Grimmett. These things helped me and today I can recognize over 1300 Birds of India. My dream and passion in life are to photograph each and every bird on mother earth. All of the 1400+ species found in India are my target. Along with the birds of India, I wish to explore birds across the globe which are over 10,000 species. Watching all of them in their natural habitat and capturing their craziness through my camera is my dream! Having said that, Owls possess a special place in my heart. There are 37 different owls in India, and I am proud to say that I have watched most of them out in the wild. Only 6 of them are left to capture in my camera.” Dr. Arpit Bansal

Common Mersanger or Goosander , Kotdwar, May 2015.
This beautiful Duck is an expected swimmer and diver which made swimming through Rush waters look pretty easy.

MOTTLED WOOD OWL on the ground, Prayagraj, June 2021
First clear photographic Sighting and Record of the city and the Area. Looking at the habitat in patches in the area, I had always hoped for this Majestic Owl to be there. It seems to be new to the Area as other birds , jungle Babblers were mocking it. One of my Best Bird sightings from Prayagraj Ever Thank you Mother Nature.

Amur Falcon, Lonavala, Jan 2021
Admist Lovely purple flowers of Mother Nature.

Green Tailed Sunbirds, Mishmi Hill, April 2021.
Unusual Perch, 3 males were playing and perching over the wire on this cloudy morning as we heard the call of the mountain Scops owl in the day.

Red Headed Vulture or the King Vulture, Kabini, May 2016

Happy Holi from the most colourful Kingfishers of the country. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Chiplun.

Beautiful White Peacocks clicked in Africa,
These are Not albino species but real White Peacocks.

It was January 2015. Spotted Wire-tailed Swallow while I was walking near the grasslands of Ahmedabad followed the bird and ended up capturing the beauty.

Scarlet Ibis, USA.
What magical deep pink shades created by miraculous Mother Earth. 

Verditer Flycatcher, June 2015, Sattal.
The Gorgeous Blue coloured Fun bird was enjoying bathing and playing near the water hole in vicinity of the Forest.


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