While growing up they told me black is the color of dark and curse,
White whereas the sign of superiority, sanity, and major diverse.
Also, they told me to prioritize the white-skinned race,
For them, dark complexion don’t complete their pace,
But my education taught me colors created by nature is for beauty and embrace.
For black to me is humane and bold,
In the absence of it, shine&glow can’t be prized and sold.
See I tell you something is terribly wrong with this world,
When does our hearts grow this cold?
People by opposing nature, proceeding towards death-destruction as told.
The life they live- uncomfortable, ignorant and so scary,
This should be a year of change for the pain black lives carry.
For us, the all Human beings- the black and the white, color we bleed is same,
We are screaming- don’t make our flesh color our country’s shame!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
~We’re all in this together #blacklivesmatter

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