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Q. Why you made this artwork?

 I started doing doodles from 12th standard but I wasn’t that confident and interested in it until I got selected in the last house events at our college for doodling 😶 and then when I got the first position I realized that if I practice doing doodles ya Mandalas I can do it better! So keeping that in mind I started making such artworks.

Q. How you made this artwork?

I made it using some common equipments like compass, pencil, black marker ( since the shops were closed and i didn’t have my microns with me ), black pen etc.

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

 To be very honest my seniors from pmca and my friends inspires me to do it. Their appreciation every time i make something really boosts up my confidence level😅 and also there are some art pages with i follow from where i get the inspiration as they do such wonderful artworks which really makes me be more creative. And at last but not the least my family , every time i make something they are like we’ll frame it and hang it on the wall!

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