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Q. Why you made this artwork?

I have named this art as “Balance of Nature”. This piece of art shows the perfect harmony between life and death. This depicts the story of a human life made up of everyday moments, the ups and downs, euphoric joy, devastating  grief, small pleasure and lastly death. Yet it doesn’t end there; the cycle continues with the next generation, from generation to generations and so creating the balance of nature. Skulls have always been used as a symbol of death or danger, which shows the prominent aspect of life. The dualities of life inspire me a lot, such as life and death, division and union, good and evils. Everything has something to offer in terms of positives and negatives. The things we love are what makes us alive, even if they tend to haunt us.

Q. How you made this artwork?

This art is made on a 12 * 16  inches canvas, with acrylic medium. When I started with the drawing, I was having no idea where it will end. But as soon as I started with my pencil to sketch it out, the creativity hits my mind to show various forms of emotions like black for dark thoughts, white for positivity, red for love, flowers for blossom and life, skull for death. In short, skull for death and other colours for life. I have given a black background to show the dark thoughts with colourful strokes on top of it, to depict “Despite of having negativity all around, we have to come out with positivity and blossom in our own lives”. My art form is not limited to Abstract or Modernism, but its versatile because i love experimenting with different forms of art.

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

My Father – He is a total inspiration to me. Why? Because he believed in me every time whenever I wanted to experiment something in my life. Basically I am an IT Professional, but my love for Art came from him. He is too good at it(His Rangoli works and his hand-writing is completely like a Printed imprints) and his creativity(Hats-off, I have many examples to share, maybe next time). I was just a kid, when he gave me blank papers and a set of colours to draw whatever I want. Basically, it means complete freedom to whatever I want to do or experiment in my life. My mother has also supported me with all the stuff, whether it be my stupid jokes or serious conversations.

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