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Q. What does your artwork represent?

My artwork tries to represent the present through one frozen segment of time. My pieces are in decomposition and in construction. I try to represent the fragility of reality and how day a day narratives are just masks in constant change. I try to analyze chaos and present it into a closed, finite, and concrete piece of material.

Q. What inspires you?

The human body is the main theme of my artwork and I use close people to freeze one moment through clay. I like to use accidents and aleatory facts in my work and I don’t like to make a plan; sometimes I like to create the perfect environment for accidents and adapt my work to it, so in every stage of the process it will show a different face and a different aspect of my mental process. I like industrial materials to play a role in the piece so I use oxidation, concrete, plaster, iron, bronze, and resin and I try to evidence the character of those materials without hiding or softening their properties.

Q. What does your art means to you?

It means my only way to survive death and my obsession. To leave something in the world that can live thousands or millions of years and survive ages and civilizations is the way I take one piece of the universe and show it to posterity. To be afraid of the void and the idea of death make me want to find meaning and sculpture is that meaning for me. Also, I try to touch something into me and at the same time touching inside the rest of the people. Is my chance to be in real touch with the world.

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