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“Hi! This is Mahima Kejriwal. An architect by profession and an artist by passion. Art is something very special to me. I can feel butterflies in my stomach when I get excited about a new piece and that feeling is just blissful.
Nature is my biggest inspiration! It surprises me with the endless scope of design and how everything works in coordination and balance to maintain the harmony.

I am pretty keen to learn all mediums of art and I give a shot to them here or there but The most striking and heart-stealing medium for me is Watercolours !! It provides an endless scope of results and it literally goes with the flow unpredicted.
Basic tools that I use are a high-quality Watercolour paper (the paper has the most important role in watercolors), Mop brushes, a big bucket of water, maybe masking fluid sometimes and that’s it.

My journey began a few years back when I discovered my love for watercolors and I just couldn’t stop.
If you have a passion start working on it and kill it !”


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