Q. What does your artwork represent?

My artwork typically represents natural landscapes and/or subjects that I find interesting and want to spend time painting. I am always on the lookout for beauty in my day-to-day life, and so I am always looking for scenes to paint. If a scene makes the cut and I choose to paint it, it generally has to fit at least one or more criteria in order for me to begin painting. In no particular order, these criteria might look something like this:Subject: Is the subject interesting to me? Will other people find it interesting as well, even interesting enough to buy it? Composition: Is the composition (and the subject) readable to the eye? Does the composition have a sense of balance that I am looking for, as far as shapes, colors contrast, etc.?Lighting: Does the light looks like something I want to paint? Sometimes I paint something only because it has interesting lighting and not necessarily an interesting subject. Time: Is it practical for me to spend my time painting this particular thing, given my schedule and the way the light is hitting the subject? Sometimes I choose not to paint something because I can tell that the light is about to change completely, or maybe it is too complicated of a subject for the amount of time I have.

Q. What inspires you?

Nature inspires me, because it is so old, and yet it is always new and fresh. And within nature, there are natural physical laws at play that are observable and are there for anyone to see and study. I like to call them the creational-natural laws. I feel like I am able to get closer to nature and to life itself because of painting, and with each painting I create, I feel lucky to be afforded an opportunity to study some of the creational-natural laws at work and try to slowly work out the real nature of reality, of nature and of my own being. In the end, this process represents an ongoing quest for consciousness-related evolution that I find to be incredibly inspiring and motivating.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

My artwork is a personal experience that I want to share with others. More specifically, my artwork is all just a byproduct of meditation. The meditation I am referring to is the act of painting itself. Meditation and concentration can be interchangeable terms, and so each time I sit down to paint a subject, I am concentrating on all of its details and, thus, I am meditating. The nice thing about this form of meditation is that there is a visible and tangible byproduct – a painting. So my artwork is literally my life. Yes, creating artwork is a thing I spend a lot of time doing, but also the artworks themselves are all snapshots of places I have been to, and are kind of like physical manifestations of not only meditation, but also physical manifestations of memories as well.

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