The day I dine in the hell,
Alan, you can judge me well.
My carcass is in front of you
People talking about life’s due;

Some passing comments, while some review my character,
Hahaha…., what are you saying now? It does not matter;
They denounce me, they arraign me, even they make some tears.

I am amazed in the hell, how many masks they wear.
Some cry, some screaming
Some defame, some milling.
I’m happy, now away from this fake society
You want to stay? you need to be mighty.

They are four, taking me to my last bed
Standing still, I am burning ahead.
I believe this world is pure,
But understand it needs some cure;
I know I was shath,
Be calm now
I am having a cup of coffee with the God of death.

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