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SWEDEN – @hannahcarlson

SWEDEN – @hannahcarlson

“However and wherever we are, we must live as we will never die.”

Sweden is in the geological area known as Scandinavia in northern Europe. Rich, huge backwoods spread a portion of the nation and more than 100,000 lakes dab the scene. The lakes, and more than 24,000 islands, are all open to the public through Sweden’s tradition of the right to public access. Sweden’s Arctic north has been known as the “land of the midnight sun,” because during the summer months the sun never sets. Even in the capital of Stockholm in the south, the mid-year evenings last just four hours and the sky doesn’t deepen beyond twilight. Yet, winter goes on until May and the evenings are long and the days are short.


Individuals first came to Sweden around 10,000 years ago. For thousands of years, they were trackers and finders and in the first centuries A.D., they exchanged products with the Roman Empire. The name Sweden originates from the warlike Svea clan that turned out to be incredible around 500 A.D. Swedes call their property Sverige, which signifies “land of the Svea.” The Svea started to make strikes along the banks of northern Europe and got known as Vikings, which signifies “privateer” in an old Norse language. Some Swedish Vikings regularly took from the individuals they attacked and got settled in their territories. Others got rich by exchanging products and slaves.


Honestly, the best thing about Sweden is its normal resources. For sure, to truly welcome this current nation’s attraction, set aside some effort to abandon the city. Regardless of whether you’re cruising over an archipelago to a forlorn island or traveling along a royal path flanked by snowcapped mountains, the feeling of space, isolation, and opportunity is coordinated by not many corners of Western Europe. It bodes well: Sweden claims one of the most minimal populace densities on the mainland. Thus, go set up a shelter by a Baltic Seashore or ride a sleigh under the Northern Lights. You can express gratitude toward Mother Nature later.


Not many nations are as plan educated as Sweden. Impeccable taste and attention to detail make much of the country look like a shoot for Wallpaper or Architectural Digest.  Nearly everybody in Stockholm got the update to ‘look sharp’, while the predominance of powerful goods, materials, and lighting in bistros, cafés, and homes the country over are completely advantageous. However, Swedish style is infrequently garish; structure and capacity are firmly connected in a general public that worships balance, effortlessness, and common sense. Get ready to praise everything lovely and popularity based.

Offering everything from dark blue archipelagos and Northern Lights, to executioner style, food, and design, Sweden is a Nordic dream date.

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