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Bhopal – @abhi_sheikh_chhilli

Bhopal – @abhi_sheikh_chhilli

“A lake in the ‘City of Lakes’, where the fisherman is working in scorching heat.”

Bhopal is known as The City of Lakes for its different natural and artificial lakes and is additionally perhaps the greenest city in India. It is the sixteenth biggest city in India and 131st on the planet.

Established in 1707, the city was the capital of the previous Bhopal State, a regal condition of the British governed by the Nawabs of there. Various legacy structures from this period incorporate the Taj-ul-Masajid and Taj Mahal castle.

In 1984, the city was struck by the Bhopal catastrophe, one of the most exceedingly terrible modern debacles ever. It is properly called Bhopal: City of lakes as it has seven lakes situated at seven unique areas which upgrades the excellence of this verifiable city. Likewise it is the Capital of the province of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.





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