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COPENHAGEN – @shree_talageri

COPENHAGEN – @shree_talageri

‘Travel is more than seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.’

Denmark’s capital and largest city, Copenhagen is a treasure trove of food, unique architecture and culture, and scenic sights around every corner. One of the Scandinavian gems, it is connected to the Swedish city of Malmo through a long-running tunnel across the Oresund strait. The Danish city is a hotspot for culture, food, nightlife, and unique architecture all across Northern Europe.

A former Viking fishing village, Copenhagen’s cityscape is akin to a Nordic fairy tale. The history and heritage of the city is complemented well with the contrasting modern buildings and innovative urban design and plan of the city. The quaint atmosphere is amplified with the presence of green spaces, antique architecture, and the waterways and bridges across the city.

Only here does the morning rush of cyclists look more like a runway show on wheels. Forget Milan; when it comes to style, it’s hard to beat Copenhagen’s denizens. Few people have such a knack for effortless cool, driven by a reverence for simplicity, detail and understated beauty. These tenets drive everything from Copenhagen’s painfully hip streetwear labels, its world-famous furniture and lighting, to its grassroots ceramics and glassware. Together they have created a city of endless visual pleasure; a place where even the most mundane activities are laced with a sense of quiet wonder and delight.

When cities seek enlightenment, they commonly look to Copenhagen. The hometown of architect Jan Gehl – one of the world’s leading authorities on sustainable urban planning – the Danish capital regularly tops world liveability lists. After all, this is one of the globe’s greenest, cleanest, most sustainable urban centers, a place where cycling is serious transport, where buses and the metro run frequently and around the clock, and where the harbor is squeaky clean enough for a bracing dip. Leaving the sprawl to cities like Melbourne and LA, Copenhagen wisely keeps things compact and accessible, making it a super-easy place to explore.

The heritage of Royal Copenhagen can be witnessed at the four major places spread across the city. The iconic waterfront of Nyhaven, displaying classic 17th-century architecture, has become synonymous with Copenhagen’s cityscape. The city is also famous for one of the world’s best amusement park resorts, the Tivoli Gardens, which has been operational since the 19th century. To top it off, Copenhagen offers the best of Danish cuisine, and one of the world’s best gastronomical adventures, with over 15 Michelin starred restaurants concentrated in the city. Some of the must-try delicacies of the city are Smorrebrod, Weinerbrod, Rababergrod as well as the famous cheeses and wines of the country. Don’t forget to stop by Noma, one of the best and most culinary innovative restaurants in the world. Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandi cool. Modernist lamps light New Nordic tables, bridges buzz with cycling commuters, and eye-candy locals diving into pristine waterways.

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