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ANAGHA ARTS AND JEWELS – In the rare Union of all Bridal, Modern, Contemporary Jewellery that conjures up a magnetic lure

ANAGHA  ARTS AND JEWELS – In the rare Union of all Bridal, Modern, Contemporary Jewellery that conjures up a magnetic lure

“I am from grinding metal and blazing fire. From rocks and stones and gems and silver. I am from wild imagination, sketches, attempts, failure, successes from sharp metal saws, hungrily splitting the shapes. I am from friends, artists, mentors, beginners, inventors. Sharing dreams, borrowing techniques. I am from another time of molten metal. Ancient hammers, rough calluses dirty hands. I am from precious visions, fluid memories. Gifts from the earth. Treasures as old as time…” – Maggie Bowman

An ode to a jewellery studio could not have been more apt yet so telling of the hours of failed sketches and ideas that goes behind a successful design. The labour of a karigar’s hands toiling over metal, silver and gems to craft a piece that is worthy of you. And yet it takes very few clients to appreciate the original design or special craftsmanship or even the luxury of pure metal and gems because in this day and age of fast fashion most would want a look like a copy or a piece “jo sabne dala hai” rather than have an original

And of course, the price difference and comparison between the cheap Chinese made on machine pieces, as opposed to the handcrafted beauty of Indian karigars, are a major dilemma for many customers. Talking about the woes of the jewellery business Priyanka Dhaliwal the brain and design magnet of Anaghaartsnjewels says that each and every client wants to look different but there are very few who actually understand and value the difference. The coherence of design and the beauty of making very few eyes can decipher. Having been in the business of silver and costume jewellery for more than 15 years she understands the nerve of the business the market trends and the client demands yet she says there is not a single day that goes by when she is not surprised by a whim or fancy.

Priyanka started her fascination with jewels from her mother’s jewellery box the contents of which she designed and redefined several times. Inspired by the ancient crafts of Indian goldsmiths and the challenges of affordability she delved into silver and costume jewellery trying to give to her customers value and quality for money. Giving them workmanship of gold in a more affordable medium. From the inspiring work of Nizami jewels to Maharani Gayatri Devi’s stately pieces to Amrapali’s beautiful statements in silver, Priyanka studied and experimented with each and every sensibility and combined them with her modern take for the woman who wanted multipurpose pieces.

“My personal favourite would always be the deeply ethnic pieces that speak of culture yet I am aware of the working woman’s need for multipurpose pieces or a fashionista’s need for ever-changing ever-evolving pieces”, says Priyanka. Anagha means the pure one and Anaga Arts and Jewels tries to be pure for its values and creativity and absolutely transparent for its clientele. Dealing in all sorts of silver and fashion jewellery and statement pieces the powerhouse of design has a forte in wedding jewellery including the Groom’s pieces too.

Anagha bride is delicate, ethnic or a show stopper depending on her personal style but never dull. Priyanka keeps quality and craftsmanship as the heart of her studio and then comes the core that is designing that changes with the requirements of the client followed by value for money and a service that looks into taking care of your pieces after buying too. Craftsmanship depends on her various workshops with artisans from all over India including Delhi, Calcutta and Rajasthan. And designing is always original but inspired equally by Indian and international artists and design houses like David Webb, Wilfredo Rosado, Neil Lane.

As far as the medium of work goes silver and the antique silver look inspired by Amrapali will always be her favourite. Exporting to places like Canada USA and Britain and several parts of Australia and Europe Anagha also has several celebrity clients and influencers in their kitty making it a must ah e brand.


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