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5 Common myths about your periods

5 Common myths about your periods

Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women.” ~ Judy Grahn

The conversation about menstruation is coming out of the dark ages.  However, some common myths about menstruation continue to circulate.

1) Washing and Bathing

MYTH – Don’t wash your head or take bath when you are menstruating.


There is absolutely no reason not to wash your hair, take a bath, or shower during menstruation . In fact, a nice warm bath can do a lot to relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual tension .


MYTH – Girls shouldn’t use tampons during their first period. 


There is no reason avoid using tampons during your first period. Just make sure you read the instructions and insert the tampon correctly, a properly inserted tampon doesn’t pinch or cause any type of discomfort. In fact, you won’t feel anything if you tampon is inserted correctly.


MYTH – You shouldn’t exercise or do strenuous activities during your periods.


It was once treated as a time when women were ‘sick’. Menstruating women rested, stayed home, and didn’t socialize. This view on menstruation is clearly leftover from more strict religious views and practices. Menstruation is a normal function; your period is not a disability.

In fact, we know that regular exercise helps in decrease painful menstrual cramps.


MYTH – It is unhealthy to have sex during your period.


While some women may feel uncomfortable about having sexual intercourse during menstruation, it is perfectly OK. Likely, this myth comes directly from religious teachings that prohibits sex during menstruation.

There is no health risk associated with sex during your period. There is even evidence to suggest that it may help relieve menstrual cramps. So, if you choose to, go ahead and have sex during your period without any worries.


MYTH– You can’t get pregnant from sex during period.


You need to ovulate in order to get pregnant, and that usually happens after your period finishes. Unless you’re using the pill, an IUD, or another hormonal type of contraception, it is best to assume there are no safe days to have sex without the possibility of getting pregnant. Remember to always practice safe sex.

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