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Fan of crime thrillers? Don’t miss these shows on Netflix on the free days

Fan of crime thrillers? Don’t miss these shows on Netflix on the free days

I guess you all who are reading this are the fan of psychological crime thriller drama shows, So here are my 3 recommended shows to you to watch on Netflix free days. So here we are starting with Mindhunter.


This series is based on the book Mindhunter written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. In the series, the character of Holden Ford is based on John E. Douglas, a special agent in FBI’s behavioural science unit who interviewed the famous Serial Killer Edward Kemper beautifully portrayed by Cameron Britton. The interviews were held by John E. Douglas along with agent Robert Ressler portrayed as Bill Tench (he is said to have coined the term “Serial Killer”).

The series shows us how the FBI agents delve into the psychology of murder through criminal science and thus interviews the dangerous serial killers to know in-depth about their minds. Mindhunter is now one of my favourite T.V shows by Netflix. I love how the character of Holden Ford changes throughout the series and how his and Bill’s personal life is affected by their professional lives.

The best part of the show is how the interviews between the agents and the supposed monsters are shown, especially with Ed Kemper. I was very glued to the show and started studying about the serial killers shown in the show. I was highly stunned when I watched the actual interview of Ed Kemper on YouTube. According to me, Cameron Britton was absolutely wonderful and perfect for the character. In short, I loved the show and anyone with a little interest in psychology and serial killers will love the show too.


Netflix documentary Don’t Fuck With Cats is the “most psychological and disturbing” series they have ever seen. Don’t Fuck With Cats is about a Canadian murderer, Luka Magnotta, and the amateur detective work carried out to catch him after he posted a graphic video of himself killing two kittens online, Despite the efforts of online detectives to alert the authorities of Magnotta’s animal abuse, no action was taken until he murdered and dismembered Chinese student Lin Jun, a killing he also shared online in a video.

The Netflix documentary opens with a video being uploaded to YouTube in which a man smokes a cigarette before killing two small kittens. It’s disturbing yet brilliant murder documentaries on Netflix right now I was hooked from start to finish..!! AND DON’T WATCH IT IF YOU’RE LITTLE SENSITIVE TOWARDS ANIMALS.


“Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,” Netflix’s documentary is about Bundy, the infamous serial killer who finally confessed to some 30 murders before his 1989 death in the electric chair. The misnomer is “Conversations.” While we hear Bundy’s voice on tape, it’s narrating a looping mixed of hypothetical reality and fact, pseudo-philosophy and angry denial but still, The series surfaces tapes not previously heard by the public, a sample of some 100 hours of interviews conducted by two journalists working together on a book. Those journos, Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth appear separately in the documentary, and both seem sorrowful at their experience with Bundy. “I thought that if Ted was telling the truth, that he had been set up, that it was a hell of a story,”

Moments of the documentary spark interest. Footage of his trial, in which Bundy’s relentless self-regard and penchant for bloviating on his own behalf were for once constrained, provide a portrait of the man more revealing than his untrammelled audio ramblings. But the focus of “Conversations With a Killer” is those vexed tapes, in which Bundy’s inability to accept blame never lets up. The interviewers don’t get a confession, of course strikingly, they don’t even gain an inch.

His conversation partners can hardly get through to a man so lost inside his own mind. That fundamental fact the degree to which Bundy is at best an unpleasant companion through four long episodes, and at worst repellent, makes “Conversations With a Killer” a must only for true-crime completists, So it’s a must-watch series from my side.

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