Kuldeep Sah Gangola is an Editor/Director in New York. He has won Dean List’s award for two consecutive semesters at the New York Film Academy from where he passed out in January 2019 with a GPA of 3.90. His film Ghost Villages of Himalayas was accepted into 12 international festivals in India, the United States and Australia.

It has won three international film awards. It also was featured in an Oscar Qualifying festival in Manhattan, New York – DOC NYC. His job at the project varied from doing the assisting editing, transcoding, media management, storyboarding and crafting out a story from over 300 hours of footage.

It was a 4 months process where Gangola pull out selects from the footage, did scene and story revision by further refining the selects. At the beginning of January 2019 the film was ready for the festival circuit.

Kuldeep Sah Gangola is an instructor at New York Film Academy along with other industry professionals and leading experts in the field. Kuldeep Sah Gangola has been mentored by Bob Eisenhardt who won an Oscar for his documentary film last year ‘Free Solo’. He has coached and mentor Kuldeep Sah Gangola in building up his crafts and skills as an exceptional filmmaker. 

He has been Lead Editor/Cinematographer on various documentaries between 2015-2019 –

1. Ghost Villages of Himalayas (Award-winning) 5 festivals (India)
2. Human Trafficking (Bangladesh)
3. For Our Fathers (Boston)
4. With the Waves (New York)
5. Himalayan Migration (India)
6. How to sow seeds (India)
7. Wandering (New York)
8. A dive into Life (LA, Vegas)
9. Drugs of the Bronx (New York)
10. Jeremy(New York)
11. The Zen Dream (Vegas)

He has been the Tech Liaison a Tribeca Film Festival, 2019. He has been the part of the Judging Panel at IDA-International Documentary Association, 2019. He is also the Story and Editing Consultant on ’10 weeks to Green’ Awareness Campaign. He is the Lead Editor of ‘Our Blood’ – Refugee Camps. He is the Digital Imaging Technician at Hitman Productions, To Kid or Not to Kid, ITVS TV SERIES.
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