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Momma, I was such a big fool,
But I learned it in school,
That how you kept me inside,
When I was just a small molecule,
Time and again your kid broke a rule,
But you never lost your cool,
You were soft like a wool.
You were there every night,
Made me sleep to your right,
Kissed my forehead, hugged me tight,
Whenever I got a fright,
My mom, you are a soldier in my sight,
Noone in this world might fight, Despite a mother,
Feeling your sacrifices and your strength gives me shaking,
Taking pain of 16 bones breaking,
While you gave me birth.
But my mom I respect and I’ll make your pain worth,
5th Oct, 12 in the noon, in your arms and your palms,
I slowly opened eyes,
First, you cried and then you smiled and said thank god for this surprize,
You’ve got a heart even bigger than the skies,
You’ve got a heart even bigger than your size,
Mom, you hide your emotions every time you cry alone,
Bt you’ve never let me cry protected me like an ozone,
You’re soft like a flower, and like a stone you’re strong,
Mom I pray to God may you live very long,
Mom I pray to God may you live very long

And I’m not yet finished with my song,
There’s another great person to whom I and my name belong,
And along with whom I started to walk,
First word came dad when I started to talk,
And I’ve kept many rhymes dad which I’ve written post smoke,
Which I’ve written when I felt sad,
You’ve fulfilled my demands every time I asked, dad,
There’s nothing which I wanted and which I never had
I was unable to express, how much I love you,
But If I were God I would say even I’m not above you,
You never express your stress,
Whether more or less,
If you’re happy or depress,
But dad you raised us pretty well, I owe you every breath,
If my birth made you happy, same will make my death,
My dear dad, I’ve a lot to prove a lot to say,
And I’m trying to bring near that day,
And maybe I don’t follow your rules your way,
But I truly pray,
May you live very long may you live very strong.





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Ashutosh Pathak

||Heavy|| ||Humble|| ||High|| Blessed and still breathing, Making up rhymes Rolling good times Workouts, write-ups n trips

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