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My favourite part of wintery morning – Sun Rays

My favourite part of wintery morning – Sun Rays

The sun rays of Wintery morning!

Time when we all Love to be at the place where sun’s heat can directly fall on us. It warn sun Ray’s makes me think that you can burn inside totally and still give warmth to someone, it’s actually the pure bliss to have you from October to February!

Seeing couples drinking tea or coffee in there balcony,  the flowers blooming around, birds Chimpring around, and the farms filled with the fresh air of happiness. All is just so peaceful. But the thing I hate now is, the sun rays get disturbed with the tall buildings, the fresh air is nowhere because the trees have been cut down, we don’t find the tempering of birds with the ringing of phones so I feel jealous of my childhood days when I would enjoy totally in the warmth of nature.

But I still remember how mummy used to bring me a bowl of hot Gajar ka halva,on the swings and that was my favorite part of enjoying my love for you winter.

But still, I love you winter, wintry morning! now I go for walk-in garden to enjoy your bliss and while retuning I drink hot soups on the way or make a cup of tea of myself and enjoy it in my veranda with positive songs! From 365 days your almost here for 80 to 90 days and that’s the time when I love the sun Ray’s which don’t have burning sensation like they have I summer or that cloudy sky which is in rainy. I can always wait for you as you are the best part of the winter.

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Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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