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You came as a blessing, your presence became a bling. All my dreams came true, life suddenly was a stew—  thoughts of every woman on becoming a mother.

Mothers are creators and nurtures, who spend every moment of their life and every part of their being striving selflessly for their children. Nothing in the world can compare to a mother’s love. Every mother should be empowered enough to get the respect and dignity she deserves. She holds the gateway to our minds and hearts, and she knows it all. A mother has offers an infinite amount of true love, affection and comfort. She always proves to be right about the choices we make. From making friends to colleagues to the decisions we make, she is always right. One intimate conversation with our mother brings us back on our feet.

She has all the potential to turn things around and make us smile. The love of our mother remains unchanged until she lives. Her love is the purest of all, deep and genuine. She only expects our happiness more than anything else.

Mothers are the emotional backbones of a family. She does her best to keep us from being hurt. A mother works hard and sacrifices to make our lives better and happier. She supports our dreams. Being a mother is difficult, the world’s toughest job, however rewarding and demanding at the same time. Mothers love us unconditionally and accept us for who we are. She has limitless patience but is brutally honest too. They are the ones who brought us into this world, thus should not be taken for granted at any point in our lives.

Mothers are truly referred to as creators, the creator of life on the earth. After God, only mothers possess the ability to give birth to a life. It is only because of our mothers that we have existence. We should be grateful to her for giving us a chance to live and breathe. Unless we become a mother ourselves, we can never know what it is like to carry someone for nine months and what mothers go through when she gives birth to us. Only mothers can understand life, as it grows inside them. Mothers give up a lot to have a child, but gain even more from having one.

Identity of a woman changes to a mother, once she gives birth to her baby. It is a gradual and lengthy process, starting from conceiving and does not end until she exists. The plan to have a baby is all in her mind, her motherhood state of mind, which starts developing since the day she mentally and physically prepares herself to be ready to have a child. This state of mind does determine her thoughts, her actions, priorities, sensitivity and her values too. Thus, it is said that a happy and healthy mother gives birth and raises up a healthy and happy child. Once we become a mother, everything starts revolving around our baby. Our own care, health, needs and wants get sidelined.

All we then care about is our baby’s needs. As a creator of a life, we become fully responsible for our child’s life. As a mother, our primary responsibility is to help our child grow and thrive. Having a baby makes us creative in all aspects. Motherhood changes a woman’s identity, her emotions and love. Our interaction with our child is one of the key factors in the plan we had to have a baby. This interaction is crucial for a child’s holistic development. It is one of the many responsibilities of parents. The social, physical and emotional development of a child plays an important role in the life of an individual. The stronger the bond of a mother with her child, the better the child becomes in his/her life afterwards.

A healthy relationship should be created where the child could express him/herself in front of his/her parents. It is the duty of parents to make their children comfortable in their presence, where they could say their hearts and minds out, without any fear.

The moment my son was born, I was instantly transformed. I was no longer me, I was a Mom and that is the most powerful feeling in the world, as I could see myself as the creator of my baby, a life.

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About The Author

Komal Gupta

Komal Gupta, a freelance writer, is a recipient of prestigious WEAA INDIA Awards 2020 for Excellence in Content Writing and Blogging. She has Co- Authored over 35 Anthologies and has also written content for Digital Magazines, Upgrading India Official Blog and Happy Motherhood website. Mother of a 2 years old boy, she quit her banking job soonafter her son was born and now she is a happy stay-at-home mom. Presently, she is fulfilling her dream of writing her heart out in her own way. She emphasizes on writing in an elementary accessible style, where readers can connect with her words. She hails from Jammu and Kashmir, however currently residing in Chandigarh. She has done M.A Sociology, along with B.Ed.

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