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That Nomad Couple, the alter-ego of Dr. Nishita and Dr. Siddharth Sharma, dentists and travel bloggers have been revisiting past holidays via their plethora of pictures and videos; visas are not required. In any case, life has been a long trip for the college sweethearts. Siddharth’s parents, who are more conservative, took some time to find out they weren’t losing a son so much as gaining a daughter, with Nishita asking her husband to recall exactly how long it was before he told his parents that he was dating her, for the benefit of the interview: “About two years.” However, once they met it was relatively smooth sailing. Not that the two seem to have wanted to rush down the altar, with their career in dentistry coming first.

The two started a practice together in 2013 and tied the knot on February 14, 2014. Coming from an army background, and having grown up moving from one place to the other, travel has always been a fact of life for Nishita, while Siddharth hadn’t been to nearly as many places. The couple usually travels to the unusual, off the beaten track, be it to a Nubian village or an abandoned water park in Vietnam, after loads of research and their own visa paperwork and itineraries.

Here are Nish and Sid in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin? What is the story behind the nomad couple?

So, Nish comes from an Army background, and for her, travelling is like breathing! The seed of travel was sown as she was exposed to the idea of travelling at a very tender age. Thereafter she met Sid (which is also an interesting story), and they started travelling the world, together. ‘That NomadCouple’ was born from their undying love for travel when they both decided to document their wonderful experiences and share them with like-minded people!

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Every single person we meet on our travels, be it the locals or the fellow travellers. Listening to their incredible stories inspire us in ways nothing else can!

3) When did you decide to go on a forever vacation?

We wish we had an answer to this. For now, we are trying to juggle the demands of work and travel. But yes, some sweet day, we would love to take this plunge and go on a forever vacation!

4) Tell us about your love story.

Sid and I are college sweethearts. We met in dental school. We started off as really good friends, and a few months later, Sid proposed to me to a song he composed back in 2006, and I obviously said yes, and the rest, as they say, is history!

5) Tell us about your latest trip.

Oh, man! Our last trip was to the magical land of Egypt 🇪🇬 Egypt, for so many reasons, has an extremely special place in our hearts. Witnessing the mighty pyramids, the ancient Egyptian temples covered in hieroglyphics, taking a boat down the river Nile, and moseying around the most colourful Nubian village which has one of the oldest civilizations in the world- every corner in Egypt has a story to tell and how!

6) Which has been your top 3 go to places in India?

India is our home country, and it has too much to offer! Although it is really difficult to narrow down the choices to 3 places, we would say Goa, Andaman Islands and Ladakh! These places are truly breathtaking!

7) Tell us the most memorable moment of your life.

Like we said before, we left a piece of our heart in Egypt. Watching the mystical pyramids is something we can never forget. We legit get goosebumps thinking about our tryst with the only wonder from the ancient world, to date! It still feels like a sweet dream that we don’t want to wake up from! 

8) How was life in quarantine?

Sure, life was challenging because of the uncertainties of pandemic life, and of course, because the fernweh inside of us was tickling for real, every so often. What kept us going then, you ask? Reliving the good old days by going through our old travel videos and photos, brought a lot of respites. Watching travel documentaries and reading up on new places and adding new places to our bucket list, were some of the things we did that helped us scratch our wanderlusts in the air of melancholy, without leaving home. Having said that, we can’t wait for the world to heal, and start travelling to some of the most breathtaking places that we have been dreaming about!


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