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The much-awaited festival is finally here. Diwali is considered to be the main festival which is celebrated all over the country. People of all religions come together to celebrate this joyous festival. Lights, fireworks, and food, this festival has it all. But there are some risks associated with this festival that needs to be taken care of. Minor burns, fire accidents are very common during this time. Therefore, we need to take some preventive steps to minimize the risks and keep our near and dear ones safe during Diwali. 

1) Diwali means the festival of lights and sweets. It becomes hard to resist ourselves from having sweets, but we must keep the overall sugar intake low as Indians particularly are more prone to diabetes.

2) The higher demand and supply of sweets also increase the risk of adulteration. Stay away from sweets which have chemical preservatives as they are a serious threat to kidneys, lungs and for asthma patients.

3) Prevention must also be kept in buying sweets that have a silver coating. Often these silver coatings are adulterated with aluminium, if ingested it settles in body tissues and is harmful for the brain.

4) The increasing air pollution is the main cause of spreading of airborne diseases, so in order to maintain and contribute to a healthy atmosphere we must minimize the use of firecrackers.

5) If you are using firecrackers, use them with some precautions like you must wear shoes while using crackers. Keep distance after burning the firecrackers in order to prevent burns and other injuries. Kids must use firecrackers under adult’s supervision.

6) Do not light firecrackers in crowded areas or on the roadsides, because that might prove to be dangerous for bystanders and the general public.

7) Prevent your ears from heavy noise pollution. You can use earplugs either as the heavy noise for a long time could damage the ears in a long run.

8) Diwali is a big festival to celebrate but it must not be a reason to overdo anything which could result in severe circumstances. Avoid drinking and driving rather celebrate this holy festival with your loved ones.

9) This diwali be innovative and health conscious in exchanging gifts. As we all are facing the ongoing pandemic so try gifting fruits and other eco-friendly gifts as it will be a better choice rather than gifting high calorie sweets which could be harmful for health in one way or the other.

10) As this pandemic has taught all of us many different things, so this Diwali let’s make a new start and leave behind all misunderstandings and let this festival bring the inner joy to ourselves.


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