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Meet Khushi Khater – an orator, a poet and a Nari Samman 2020 award winner

Meet Khushi Khater – an orator, a poet and a Nari Samman 2020 award winner

A 19-year-old fierce girl known for her splashing oration and heart touching poems, Khushi, has also won numerous awards also including India Star Icon Award, Karmaveer Chakra Award, and Nari Samman Award. She is also an official record holder in India Book of Records. A girl with a story that can motivate people to believe that adversities give rise to the wisest and the strongest souls.

Here we bring you the excerpts from the interview that we took of this fearsome personality. Get along with the experiences of this multi award winner and find the motivation you’ve been looking for.

1) The current situation that is COVID-19 & how has it affected you on the professional front and personal level?

The current situation that is Covid-19 has not affected my professional front as most of the work which I do are online-only be it writing blogs, poems or submission of my articles. It has affected at a personal level as I was staying in hostel so of course meeting friends, playing games, group studies, going out on weekends all of that has stopped as just like rest of the world I’m stuck at home.

2) Your Take on Lock down?

Lockdown made me a much more calm person & it made me realise that the things for which we generally say that are our need are all temporary like movies, shopping they are basically our wants. I got a clear idea about the difference between need & want, important & unimportant things. It made more  independent as a person as in I can do my work by myself I don’t have to wait for my maid to clean my room I can do it myself, I can live in limited resources. Overall the lockdown has made me a better person.

3) Please tell us about your transformation from an introvert to an award-winning writer?

I would love to answer this question! But my friends these awards might sound as a badge of honour to many of you all but trust me these are not meant to hide my scars. Those scars which I had to face during my journey of change and improvement. The moment I had to make an important decision of my life that was the moment when I understood only ‘I can change my life’ nobody else can do that for me.  From that day I started my journey of change the reason why I was stuck in the dark life was I was only focusing on the negatives thoughts about me. So, I decided to flip the coin to the other side and basically focus on the positive sides I had stopped comparing myself with anyone else I would rather compare myself with my own yesterday and allowed only motivating voices in my mind like ‘Khushi you can do this’,

‘You can achieve this’, you can’t fall’, ‘you’re meant for great things’. These voices even helped me when I was completely unknown about my environment. I started participating in all the activities which my school use to conduct and gradually all this helped and I achieved few awards like Publication in International Readers Digest New York Series, . I’m an official record holder in the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS, I won the INDIA STAR ICON AWARD 2019, I was also awarded the Global Young Leader Fellowship & KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD by iCONGO in association with United Nations, and I also received the NARI SAMMAN AWARD 2020.

4) As a child, you have been bullied. It still exists & many people out there are still facing it, what would be your suggestion or advice to them

Yes, when I was in early teenage I was been bullied which had affected my mental health in a very bad way, since we are running short of time I won’t talk about what I had gone through.  I would advise you if you face any kind of bully then talk to your parents trust me they are the ones who will try the level best to help you out in every possible way, if that doesn’t help then talk to your school/ college counsellor, friends. If you are bullied talk somebody if you don’t do that you will be creating more trouble for yourself.

5) Is there an inter-relation between being an extrovert & being successful?

No, I won’t exactly say that there is an inter-relation being an extrovert and being successful as I’ve seen many introverts also being successful in their respective field. But if you are an extrovert you of course mingle with people around you which you help you t explore and can give you ideas for being successful. Lastly, for being successful ‘Believe in yourself to become your best version’.

6) When did your journey as an orator and a poet begin?

Well, my journey as an orator and a poet began at the age of 14.

7) Which has been your most memorable speech?

Since firsts are always special so the first speech which I gave for casting vote to be a council member at the age of 14 is the most memorable speech as I also overcame my fear of stage.

8) How do you relate to the different type of pressures faced by students of your age?

Haven’t really been through pressure much which students these days face but I have faced peer pressure many times

9) Who has been your inspiration?

My mother is my biggest inspiration as she always has a smile on her face no matter how hard things have been for her. The best quality which she has is that she never complains about anything. She has always taught me to stay focused and be goal-oriented no matter what happens! She is my motivation during my success and strength during my failure.

10) What message would you like to give to all those who face bullies in school or anywhere else?

Bullying is not a problem but it can be a reason for other problems!

I myself have been bullied when I was in my early teenage I was been bullied and it had affected my mental health in a very bad way! I would advise you all one thing that speaking out regarding this matter is the only way to come out of this and make things better for yourself, trust me! Talk to your parents trust me they are the ones who will try the level best to help you out in every possible way, if that doesn’t help then talk to your school/ college counsellor, friends or that matter to anyone who will help you! But don’t hide it as it will make you weaker. It’s okay to ask for help!

I know and understand that bullying  is often times underestimated in this world, but if you are someone struggling from it and find it difficult to sustain that pain, it’s totally natural to ask for help!

You don’t have to go through it alone!

Reach out to people who you think you can open up to about your emotions and find a way to go through the situation together.

Stay Strong! Keep Growing!

11) Tell us about your latest poem.

  My latest poem is on the ongoing corona virus.

12) How did you feel when you won the Nari Samman Award in 2020?

It was a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. But yes, it was a great feeling after all as I was among the youngest group of people who were getting awarded; I was the 2nd youngest one to receive the award and moreover there were more than 500 applications forms which they had received but only 60 people were selected and after knowing this I was overwhelmed with joy. As I was among those 60 people and I was going to be awarded the prestigious Nari Samman Award along with the other woman’s who are doing exceptionally great in their life, sounds amazing isn’t it. Also, the best thing was this award was given to me on Woman’s Day 2020.


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