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KFC – Kashmir for chicken – Kashmir gets it’s first KFC

KFC – Kashmir for chicken – Kashmir gets it’s first KFC

Almost after a year of the abrogation of the special status of Article 370, when Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were bifurcated into separate Union Territories, the people of Kashmir are all set to have their ‘finger-lickin’ good’ moment as Srinagar gets its first-ever Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

It seems quite the same when the first McDonald’s set its foot in Russia on January 31, 1990 and was seen as a sign of thawing Cold War relations and crowds of Muscovites flocked to taste their first Big Mac. Muscovites were undeterred by the high prices at the new restaurant. Back in 1990, a Big Mac cost 3.50 rubles, more than a monthly bus pass. (The average monthly salary at the time was 150 rubles.)

Many people have gone crazy over this and that can be seen on the internet, while many are still questioning the real development i.e., infrastructure, hospitals, roads, schools, etc. and also the losses that the people of Kashmir had undergone due to the abrogation of special status of Article 370. Kashmir tourism was hit hard with this step which was taken by the government and later the ongoing pandemic poured oil into the fire.

But it must be remembered that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and big things start with one single step.
So the least we can do is have faith in government and have hope that things will turn out for good.

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