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Kelingking Beach – @madcap_thetravelchick

Kelingking Beach – @madcap_thetravelchick

“In order to relish the fruits of life, you must be willing to shed your fears behind.”

Situated on the southwestern shore of Nusa Penida Island in Indonesia on the south-eastern side of Bali. Kelingking beach a disconnected stretch of white sand flanked by a T-rex molded steep cliff. The grand magnificence is balanced by the 400 m steep climb and solid undercurrent. This makes it an inadequately populated beach. The main security from deadly falls are the bamboo wall, so physical wellness is an unquestionable requirement while coming here. It is a shrouded jewel situated on Nusa Penida Island. You should be pondering about the strange and hard to articulate the name of such a quiet seashore. The word ‘Kelingking’ means “pinkie”, a reference to the smallest finger of our hand. This is on the grounds that the land here appears to be like the pinkie finger. This is a calm and quiet seashore that will cause you to feel near nature.

This seashore is loaded with plenty of focuses that give all-encompassing perspectives in the general spot. Try to investigate some of them and be stunned by the hypnotizing views that they bring to the table of the blue sea and the white sandy land. The ever-streaming cool wind expands the appeal of this seashore and makes it an unquestionable requirement visit. Kelingking Beach is an awesome spot covered up in the midst of limestone cliffs and lovely blue water. This beach is worth experiencing in light of the fact that the excellence of it is essentially hypnotizing. The beautiful perspectives on the sea you will see from here will leave you basically awestruck. Although the beach is on a height where several accidents had already happened in the past, so one must be careful.

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