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Beas Kund – @being__jungli

Beas Kund – @being__jungli

“Nature provides us the exquisite platform for rumination and soul-searching.”

Beas Kund is a famous trek around Manali. The features that make it remarkable are the lush green grasslands and the emerald lake from which the river Beas arises. The contrasting sight of this serene water body nestled in between jagged mountain peaks of Pir Panjal range adds to the beauty of the setting.

This combination of massive snowy summits towering above, the greenery of the grasslands and the alluring lake draws everyone to this trek.

Every river which feeds a civilisation or settlement in its surrounding,  Beas Kund is also associated with legend. The great Rishi Vyas, who wrote the Mahabharata, took his daily bath in this lake. It is very much possible that the term Beas Kund came from Vyas; the sage and Kund; a lake.

The starting point of this trek is Solang valley; it is a spectacular destination in Manali among avid travelers due to the fact that it offers some incredible sports activities such as Skiing and Paragliding. The trek beginning from Solang valley ends at Dhundi. Further the trek continues from Dhundi to Lohali covering approximately 3km.

The third day includes the trek from Lohali to Beas Kund taking about 4-5 hours. Finally, the last day of the trek a course of 9km back to Solang valley from Lohali.  The river rises 4,361 meters (14,308 ft) above sea-level on the southern face of Rohtang Pass in Kullu.

The water of the Beas River is allocated to India under the terms of the Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan. It is home to a tiny isolated population of the Indus dolphin. The astounding picturesque of Beas Kund attracts globetrotters in large numbers each year.

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