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BHADERWAH – @the.confused.traveler

BHADERWAH – @the.confused.traveler

”Idyllic corner of the world resides in this town. Efflorescence and ethereality dwells here.”

Also known as ‘Mini Kashmir,’ Bhaderwah is this quaint little impressive town cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. A town is a gorgeous place with the lushest grasslands, verdant valleys, glittering rivers, rocky terrains, and a rich variety of flora and fauna.


The deodar backwoods are profound and covered peacefully, and its meadows are wrapped with fuchsia rhododendrons. There’s history, overflowing with both neighborhood legends and political enthusiasm. Be that as it may, what will make you lose your heart in only seconds to the once languid valley are its snow-tidied mountains. Ceaselessly sparkling under the winter sun, they entice explorers from over the world, making it near impossible to leave.


At a rise of 1613 meters, the town is additionally famous for the various types of snakes. It is additionally prominently alluded to as the Land of Snakes or Naagon ki Bhoomi. An exciting pony ride can be appreciated around the valleys to view the wonderful scene. The city is additionally famous for traveling as it lies in the lower regions of the mountain go. Likewise, the city is well known for the 600-year-old festival, Mela Pat.


At Bhaderwah, the food includes some dearest top picks, for example, the fragrant rogan josh and perhaps the best rajma chawal on the planet. As you sip on the easing kahwah, watch out for yakhni (a magnificent sheep curry cooked with yogurt), mawal blossoms and mint, matschgand (a blazing meatball curry), and modur pulav (rice spiced with saffron, cinnamon and milk). Other than that, go about road diners and cafés, examining the conventional dishes of goshtaba, aab gosht, muji gaad and dum olav in and around Bhaderwah.


October denotes the beginning of winters in the locale and up to February, Bhaderwah and the encompassing state are at its generally marvelous. The atmosphere during these months is ideal for touring visits and experience sports. In December, temperatures will in general go as low 4ºC, so make certain to pack a lot of woolens in case you’re going during this period. Bhaderwah is the easiest to access from Jammu, which lies 200 kilometers away from the town.

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Men may come Men may go But I’ll flow on forever 🌊 Water streams fresh out of the melted snow in the upper regions of any river are violent in their flow because of the high gradient available to them. During one of my trek I crossed one such river / stream you can say. The sound of the Gushing water is undoubtedly enchanting 😇 You are very lucky if you get to sleep & you wake up to the sound of flowing river & chirping birds ✨ #river #stream #snowmelt #gushingwater #cold #himalaya #soothing #peace #trek #backpack #traveler #photography #locationscouting #springseason #nolockdownhere #nature #lap #iphone #village #woodenbridge #instadaily #canon #lifeisgood #nopollution #foamywaters #mountains #snow #treatpeoplewithkindness #theconfusedtraveler #travel @jk06_wale_ @the_bhaderwah_nagbhoomi @the_chanderbhaga @the_bhaderwah @myjourneywithnature @bhaderwah_lovers @bhaderwahi_creativity @travel__blogger__sreeja @tanya_manhas_ @making_memories_doda @bhadrakashi_6 @baadal_hillboy_explores @beautiful_bhadarwah @sight__unseen8 @capturedmoments________ @trekkersofindia @himalayan_vlogs @himalayagram @himalayas_trekkers @leisureanddestinations @himalayangeographic @bhaderwahdiaries @bhaderwah_eternal_home @nature___lovers______ @bhalessa_ @_chiralla @jantroontop

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