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BIR BILLING – @shivoryx

BIR BILLING – @shivoryx

“Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.”

Concealed in the valleys of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, India is the towns of Bir and Billing. Albeit a treacherous mountain way of 14 kilometers apart, the towns are essentially indivisible and consistently alluded to as one. The magnificence of this arrangement lies in the way that the two towns structure India’s best paragliding site.

Bir Billing is additionally renowned for its heartfelt Tibetan monasteries set in the midst of beautiful and serene settings. There is a sizable community of Tibetan exiles in the town, particularly at the Bir Tibetan Colony. The spot, in spite of being entrancing, isn’t as packed or monetarily exploited as Manali, Shimla, etc., and is accordingly ideal for a week’s excursion.


In case you’re all for an adventure of a lifetime, you can feel the surge of adrenaline with every fastener twist that brings the destination closer. The experience starts from the edge of a bluff at Billing, while the arrival occurs at Bir. It’s an encounter so dreamlike that for a second, it feels as though you belong there. Inconveniences evaporate, and pressures vanish like a phantom, regardless of whether just for a brief timeframe. Flying is the best pressure buster ever – possibly that is the reason birds are consistently upbeat, singing endlessly. The perspectives are prettier from the sky, and you won’t have any desire to return to earth until the end of time. On the off chance that you actually end up at Bir-Billing, don’t return without attempting wings for some time.


Despite the fact that popular for paragliding, Bir has substantially more to bring to the table than experience sports. Great views of the higher Himalayas, excellent monasteries, and Tibetan settlements form a charming part of Bir that is generally secret. Bir can be best investigated strolling down its limited paths while respecting the magnificence for what it’s worth. Humble communities have a specific old-world appeal to them, and Bir is no exemption. With supplication banners swinging from trees to edges of bluffs, Buddhist serenades rising up out of the religious communities, and little priests playing around, Bir is significantly more past the hustle and bustle of adventure-seeking tourists. It stays edged in memory, inseparable from harmony.


Quickly forming into another small Dharamshala for outside kinds, little Bir Billing is an alluringly smaller base for mountain trekking and strolling yet is most popular for a portion of the world’s best paragliding. It has major serious flying occasions for most years in October. Experienced independent fliers can reach as far as Dharamshala, Mandi, and Manali, while beginners can become familiar with the workmanship or take pair leaps. Bir has a little yet agreeable commercial center in Chaugan town. There is some decent little eatery in Bir Billing and infrequently you may detect a gathering of local people and outsiders singing to a guitar. Go for a stroll in the market zone in the evening and appreciate flavourful food at the nearby cafés in Bir Billing.

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