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JAGRITI BHATIA – Traveling around India with a limited budget

JAGRITI BHATIA – Traveling around India with a limited budget

Jagriti Bhatia is a travel enthusiast with a dream to travel across the globe. She has had a very close relationship with mountains and nature since she had spent her entire childhood in Dehradun and this relationship kept pulling me back to my passion for travelling. She did her graduation from Chandigarh and that gave her a lot of opportunities to explore places in Himachal and that was her first time travelling without my family. She had the most beautiful experiences in those 3 years and her love for travelling deepened. This year in May, she decided to leave her job and become a full-time traveller and since then her Instagram community has grown from 8000 people to 60,000. It’s a long journey from here, She really looks forward to working on aspects of female travelling in India.

Here is Jagriti in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey start?

I come from a family where travelling was never a thing, but I always had an eagerness to travel. The journey of travelling started from the first year of university. when I started exploring Himachal at least once every two months. I was studying in Chandigarh so it was easy for me to travel around Himachal though I never recorded my journey back then, I was just travelling for the love of exploring and seeing new things, living experiences that wasn’t been lived before. 

2) Who has been your inspiration?

To be honest, this inspiration or inclination for travelling has been there with me forever, I remember seeing discovery channel as a kid and travel shows from where I got inspired to wanting to do something similar.

3) How did your Instagram community grow?

I have been putting my travel journey on IG for the past 7-8 months and the growth has been amazing, we grew from 4000 people to 63,000 people. I have been very consistent on IG, I have posted every single day plus I create content that helps out people while they are travelling. I think that’s the reason our community is growing. 

4) Which has been your favourite destination?

I don’t have a favourite destination, but I am most attached to my hometown. (Dehradun) 

5) Suggest three unexplored places in Himachal Pradesh. 




6) Why did you decide to quit your job?

Well, I was in Sales & Marketing and I liked it, but it didn’t allow me the flexibility of travelling or work from home kind of situation. So, I decided to quit it and follow my heart gave a chance of full time travelling. In the past few months, I have discovered my love for filmmaking and would now pursue that as a future career with social media. 

7) What is your aim?

I want to be known for my skill set of storytelling and filmmaking, which I am not even near to but I am working on. With that, I want to travel and experience as much as I can. 

8) How was life in quarantine?

Not that bad tbh, because I was studying for GRE which kind of consumed all my time, so I didn’t even realise the quarantine period. Since I am from Dehradun and also stay in Mussoorie most of the time, staying home is fun for me.


INSTAGRAM : @wanderphile_77

YOUTUBE : Travel Tubby

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