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Infant Deaths in Madhya Pradesh, system failure again

Infant Deaths in Madhya Pradesh, system failure again

On the close heels of the death of 13 infants in a short period in Shahdol, district administration, at its own level, has made an arrangement of four doctors for the district hospital. Days after continuous deaths of infants in Sick newborn care unit (SNCU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), doctors have been pressed into service at a district hospital to look after SNCU and PICU.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had, on Monday (November 30), ordered an inquiry into the deaths of six infants that took place in the last four days of November. He had asked officials to find out if medical negligence was responsible for the deaths of the infants, and instructed that if required, specialist doctors be sent to Shahdol from Jabalpur. While the inquiry is underway, seven more infants, admitted in the hospital, have died since then.

Dr. Rajesh Tiwari posted at Jaisingh and Dr Manish Singh posted at Shahdol Medical College, have been shifted to District hospital. Similarly, retired pediatric Dr Umesh Namdev has also been called for the service. These doctors will look after children ward. Talks are still on for appointment of a lady doctor. The decision has been taken in Rogi Kalyan Samiti to make arrangement of doctors to handle the cases of SNCU and PICU. Thirteen infants died in within very short period in District administration and investigation, it came to notice that due to lack of man powers(medical experts), infants are dying as there is only one podiatrist in District Hospital, Shahdol.

A team of two doctors from Jabalpur medical college and a team from Rew Medical College investigated the matter and both the teams pointed out the same lacuna. However, field health workers were blamed for their laxity as a sick newborn were not admitted timely in district hospital but lack of hands were also brought into notice. Therefore, district administration convened a Rogi Kalyan Samiti meeting and decided to appoint four doctors especially for SNCU and PICU. Shahdol CMHO Dr Rajesh Pandey said, “ We have made an arrangement of four doctors for District hospital. In a meeting of Rogi Kalyan Samiti, a decision has been taken in this regard and four names have been finalized for services in SNCU and PICU.”

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