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Important things about Fungal Infections (black, white and yellow)

Important things about Fungal Infections (black, white and yellow)

Yellow fungus
Yellow fungus, also called mucor septic, is a fungal infection, which as per experts does not generally occur in humans but in lizards. The treatment for COVID-19 includes steroids and immunosuppressants that leave the body with weak immunity.

Symptoms of yellow fungus
Weight loss, reduced appetite, lethargy are the common symptoms of yellow fungus infection. But if not detected in time, symptoms can become more severe including pus leakage, sunken eyes, organ failure, slow healing of wounds, and necrosis (cells in the living tissues die prematurely).

Black fungus
So far, more than 10,000 cases of black fungus have been reported. The fungus affects the eyes, nose, face, lungs, and even brain in some severe cases. This infection is caused by a type of mold called ‘mucormycetes’, present in our surroundings. The disease affects those who are heavily immunocompromised and have comorbidities such as diabetes. Another cause of its development is that to treat COVID-19 patients, steroids are used to reduce the inflammation in the respiratory tracts. Such patients have been seen to be more prone to getting this infection. Moreover, people with pre-existing morbidity such as diabetes, impaired kidney function, or cancer are at higher risk of getting infected.

Symptoms of black fungus
Swelling on one side of the face, Severe headache, Nasal congestion, Black lesions on the nose or upper side of the mouth, Chest pain, Breathlessness, Difficulty in chewing or opening the mouth

White fungus
White fungus or ‘aspergillosis’ affects people with low immunity and comorbidities such as diabetes. Overuse of steroids is also a factor in the onset of this infection. Unlike yellow and black fungus, this variant affects various parts of the body such as the nail bed, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, and reproductive organs. immuno-suppressants, The symptoms first start internally, causing pus leakage, organ failure, and acute necrosis in some cases.

Symptoms of white fungus
Whitening of tongue
Dark spots on the lungs
Reduced oxygen levels

As per Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS Delhi, these infections are not communicable or contagious. However, certain tips can be considered to prevent its onset –

Judicious use of steroids and monitoring blood sugar levels among COVID-19 patients can help manage the infections, Keeping your surroundings clean and removing stale food and faecal matter can avoid transmission through bacteria and fungal growth, Keep a check on the humidity levels in your surrounding because of excessive humidity promotes bacterial growth.
So, stay aware of health changes occurring due to the Covid-19 infection and keep in touch with a doctor.

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