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IIT-Kharagpur develops COVIRAP: a new low-cost Covid-19 diagnostic method

IIT-Kharagpur develops COVIRAP: a new low-cost Covid-19 diagnostic method

Another demonstrative test for Covid-19 from IIT Kharagpur, called COVIRAP, can be a likely distinct advantage in bringing top of the line sub-atomic diagnostics from the lab to the field. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the viability of the strategy, IIT-KGP said Wednesday.

COVIRAP has a mechanized pre-programmable temperature control unit, an uncommon location unit on genomic examination, and an altered cell phone application for results.

The machine has an isothermal nucleic corrosive enhancement strategy, which got rid of the requirement for a thermocycler.

Isothermal enhancement of nucleic acids is a cycle that quickly and effectively aggregates nucleic corrosive successions at steady temperature. The Isothermal Amplification Techniques have been created as options in contrast to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Thermocyclers are instruments used to intensify DNA (deoxyribonucleic corrosive) and RNA (ribonucleic corrosive) examples by the polymerase chain response. When the sample is prepared in the machine subsequent to being blended in with arrangements created by the IIT group, treated paper strips (like the pregnancy strips) are dunked into it, and the development of hued lines will portray the presence of the infection.

The process is cheaper and its machine costs less than Rs. 5000 and the test kits would cost about Rs. 500. The test is completed within an hour and the test kit is so simple that it can be used by an unskilled operator as well, even outside the lab environment.

The same unit can be used for a large number of tests on replacement of the paper cartridge after each test and has a high accuracy.

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