“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

The architecture of India is established in culture, history, and is grandly exceptional with its style. As we wonder about the building resources of India that are deserted, there is one such show-stopper provoking the adrenaline of explorers, remaining as a feature of South Indian travel objections. The nearly overlooked crevasse of Gandikota is arranged on the Pennar River in Andhra Pradesh and is known as the Grand Canyon of India. The thin valleys with streams running among them and the lofty rough dividers to give them company around the Gandikota.


Gandikota, which makes an interpretation of generally to ‘gorge fortress’ was initially based on the pleasant Pennar waterway gorge in 1123 by Kapa Raja. The Pemmasani Nayadus, who ruled over Gandikota for almost 300 years were commanders of the Vijayanagara army.  An as of late found copperplate engraving at the fortress dates its origin back to the sixteenth century. The fort fell into the hands of Qutubshahis of Golconda in 1650 CE. Since its commencement, the stronghold has been governed by a diverse of rulers, from the Kakatiyas to the Pemmasani Nayakas and the Qutub Shahis. One can’t miss the Madhavarayaswamy and Raghunathaswamy sanctuaries and the Jumma Masjid, which add to the variety that Gandikota promotes.


All things considered, the dusks and dawns energize the travelers. The view from the ravine, blows one’s mind, with the grand Pennar River slicing through the canyon. The sublime nature drawing of orange beams and the unbrushed brush strokes of compromising mists, leave you with a life-changing sprinkle of tones and not to overlook, your vacation nightfall photographs. A more gutsy answer for your Gandikota journey is to go through an exceptional night under the brilliant skies. Outdoors at Gandikota, you can set up your own shelter and at a more secure spot. At the point when you do visit this spot, get set to lose yourself and relish in the brilliant sky lit with splendid stars in the excellent feel of nature’s sounds and the charming breezes.


In case you’re captivated by antiquated architecture, an aficionado of verifiable stories or an adventurer searching for another sort of climb Gandikota is the response to every one of your hardships. Aside from being the fortress for different lines through the course of time. The fortification stands as a demonstration of evolving times. It additionally offers clearing perspectives on the slopes and valleys underneath. Notwithstanding a storage facility, prison, and remnants of certain sanctuaries, there are a few structures inside the post that you can visit.

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