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AYVALIK – @ray___of__hope

AYVALIK – @ray___of__hope

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Ayvalık is a region of Balıkesir Province in the Aegean Region of Turkey, and it is one of the nation’s quick raising yet to a great extent immaculate the travel industry objections. The noteworthy geology is supplemented by pine backwoods and olive plantations that develop in the area’s fine, clean air. The island of Lesbos is directly over the narrows, and the Ayvalık Archipelago, comprising of 24 little islands, encompasses the town.


The delightful nature of Ayvalık likewise gives the scenery to exercises, for example, traveling, flying creature watching, plant perception, jeep safari and photograph safari. There are many travel planners who sort out completely prepared traveler journeys and pleasant elective exercises. The sea shores of Ayvalık offer guests a few different ways to appreciate an occasion of ocean, sun and sand. The most eminent sea shore is the Sarımsaklı Beach, which is famous for sands that don’t adhere to the body. Bamboo sea shore bars and seaside eateries serving new squeezes and the neighborhood food let guests have a decent break from ocean and sun.


The Ayvalık Cuisine falls inside the best customs of the Aegean Cuisine, and the most significant element of the food is olive oil. New fish, dishes arranged utilizing privately developed spices and vegetable dishes arranged with olive oil fulfill even the most requesting palates. The cheeses served at breakfast are likewise nearby specialities. Mihaliç (a pungent and permeable cheddar with a solid flavor and a hard skin), sepet and lor cheeses are among them.

One of the specialities of Ayvalık will be Ayvalık Style Toast with cheddar, fiery wiener, and blended fillings presented with heavenly backups in pretty much every bistro and teahouse. Extraordinary bread, cheddar and vegetables upgrade the taste. Neighbourhood vegetables and natural products, by and large, go with dishes and are cooked in various styles.


On first look, Ayvalık may appear to be average, a port town like numerous others in this area. In any case, meander a couple of roads back from the waterfront and you’ll find an old Greek town in vivacious desert. Beautiful covered entryways disguise boutique inns in reestablished stone houses, mosques changed over from Greek Orthodox places of worship invite the dedicated to petition and notable bistros loaded with local people line concealed squares. Set forth plainly, it has Aegean atmosphere in spades.

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