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Expressing my insecurities – @trizartt

Expressing my insecurities – @trizartt

This painting was one of my first abstract paintings and in order for it to work, I had to fail very, very much. In making this painting, I came across many things about me, such as my insecurities, for example, whether it is to fail or to manage. I was afraid of what others would think of my work and I had a great emotional discharge. While I was painting, I cried a lot, but luckily I was able to count on huge support, and thanks to that support, I kept trying. I even thought and said that maybe it was not my thing, that I was not made for it, which hurt me immensely since it is one of my greatest passions of all time. To achieve that goal, I needed to recover and feel again with enough confidence to be able to do it. What I meant by this topic is that insecurities we all have in various aspects of our lives, we are all afraid of failing in a certain goal whether due to past traumas, lack of confidence or fear of the judgment of others and, in this case, the What I can say is that I am happy to have overcome this obstacle or block, as you want to call it.

Often, we are faced with internal conflicts, and that on the verge of despair, we seek and ask for help from anyone who is answers to answer our questions. We ask for help in our indecisions and I talk about myself too, in the moments when I don’t feel capable of making any kind of decision, I ask the forces of I don’t know where, in order to be able to help me, but I realized that what I’m looking for lives in me. Everything I want for my life, I attract, not through things

materials, but through my energetic vibration that ends up attracting good or bad things depending on my mood. So, yes, it is important to have faith in times of despair, but that faith lives in ourselves and in the energy that we emanate and, therefore, no matter what happens, we must always believe and always keep positive thinking because we will always attract what we think..
This painting represents the final part of a phase of my life, characterized by many low points that I experienced and that made me feel completely out of place in all areas of my life. Finally I looked for the solution I needed and started to get to know me a lot better and that’s where all this color comes from, it results from the way I felt at the end of this process.

Q. What does your artwork represent?

My art represents exactly what I feel while doing the paintings, it represents the darker side that I have like all people, and that is not so talked about and it also represents the most inspirational, happy, and determined side that I also have.

Q. What inspires you?

What inspires me to paint itself is the environment in which I am inserted. When I go to paint I usually go to a park, listen to music, at sunset to be able to get into that vibe and be able to express what I feel. However, what inspires me to paint more and more are really my dreams and life goals of wanting to help other people find their way or their world, help people to evolve as people, to know and develop in all areas of their lives, and with this project I have tried to bring together art that is one of my passions with personal development that is another of my passions.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

They mean everything I feel, it is my way of expressing exactly what I want, with the colors I want and the impact I want. It is a huge pride to finally be able to fit into something, do my own work, believe in my own potential, express my insecurities so that other people understand that they can enter the same world as long as there is courage and willpower.

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