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BRIDE – @ashmii_arts

BRIDE – @ashmii_arts

Q. What does your artwork represent?

My art represents the emotions of various lives. I believe emotions in a portrait depends on the expressions shown in them. Therefore, I work hard to sketch the expressions properly. Among the three portraits, in the bride, we can see the hope and happiness of her towards the coming new phase of her life. The kid holding a dog has a deep meaning. It’s about bullying, she’s being bullied both mentally and physically by her classmates and considers her pet dog to be her only companion.

Q. What inspires you?

Any artwork consists of two components. The first one is skills that of course depend on practice. For that, various artists on YouTube and Instagram are my inspiration. Another component is creative, which I believe is the soul of any art. For creativity, my mother is my inspiration. She’s not into artworks but her mind is really creative and she can create awesome stories or concepts within minutes. Someday I really want to have such a creative mind like hers.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

I believe art is my strength and the strongest support of all. I didn’t know it would be that important to me when I first started drawing. But soon, things changed and it became my identity. People around me started recognizing me as an artist and soon I realized that if art is gone, my identity is gone too. I love being called an artist because drawing is what I like to do the most. Whenever I do something better each time in any artwork, I feel an enormous amount of satisfaction and peace.

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