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Q. Why you made the artwork?

I chose this artwork to make because I found it really beautiful and I just wanted to see it in my style! So I introduced my creativity in it and started making it! I also made this because it symbolizes that a girl’s beauty is in her calmness, understanding power, maturity, elegance, and her hair which is her crown! 🌸✨💫 I made this artwork because in my perspective, in some way my art describes that ‘beauty begins where perfection ends’ and ‘everyone is beautiful in their own way’!

Q. How you made the artwork?

I made this artwork on my drawing book/sketchbook, and this is the chronological order of making of my artwork:- I started by making the face structure, then eyes, nose, lips. Then I made the peacock feather and so on continuing with the surrounding patterns! I used apsara extra dark pencils, apsara eraser, and sharpener to create this art!

Q. What inspires you to be an artist?

My major inspiration is my dear supporting audience ❤️I used to make simple drawings in my note book when I was small and after some time I improved and decided to make my art account on instagram named @sketches_by_leher ! The love , support and appreciation I get for my Instagram account is the major inspiration for me . I just get motivated to create more and more and get better by each day ! And never disappoint my viewers and achieve more of their love and support ❤️ As there’s a saying also , ‘An artist is nothing without her/his audience’ ! Also my talent inspires me ! God has gifted me with such a blissful blessing so I should not at all waste it , but improve it !

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