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THE CALLING – @_rabimmel_

THE CALLING – @_rabimmel_

Q. What does your artwork represent?

What I create represents different aspects of reality, also dream states of mine, mostly the connection to our souls in the collective and all the different layers and shapes, colors, contrasts, and patterns that it can show to all of us, some paintings talk about unity, the connection between human and nature (animals, plants or other humans a.s.o), other paintings are like a mirror to the viewer’s identity, cause everyone sees what they want to see and most of the time it’s telling a story about the viewer, more than the artist or the artwork itself, so it represents different things for everyone I think but for me its an expression of my inner being’s perspective on life, love, development, my learning processes, spirit and more.

Q. What inspires you?

I get inspired very fast with nearly everything.
Most of the time I get really inspired when I spend time in nature, with animals or kids, because all of these things radiate the purest free , fun, and loving energy for me, but sometimes I also get inspired by the „darker“ sides of life, that’s what I meant with „contrasts“ and „patterns“, I always try to balance the scales between light and dark and these two also inspire me a lot in different facets. I often get really inspired by other peoples thinking and acting and also their artwork.

I don’t think I would create so much art when I would never have seen or heard so many brilliant artists before, but nature itself is the best artist of all for sure.

The universe with all its creations, the world, and the different elements have so many inspiring aspects to offer, for example, the power of water, what it creates, how it flows, transforms, and cleanses a.s.o is very fascinating and inspiring to me.
I also get inspired by dreaming a lot about how different our world can be one day or even never and imagining things that don’t exist, maybe one day some of them will, that’s why my work sometimes drifts into a more surreal dream state presence.
I think every artist would say that we all are getting inspired by life itself, the things that happen to us/for us or others, and what we are ready to look at and see, listen to, and hear.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

I always loved looking at art and creating things on my own. Since maybe 5 or 6 years, there is no day for me without painting,writing, drawing, crafting or making photos,collages or even music, simply being creative and in a state of creating.

My art is as important as eating or breathing for me personally, so it means a lot, its life- giving, sometimes making art or looking at other peoples artwork is like a warm hug that was needed, or a band aid for a wound that needed to be healed. Its therapy, its cleansing, its uplifting, its freeing.

Making art is often so deeply connected to oneself that it can be very helpful and empowering but also difficult from time to time to find a place for me to separate my emotions personally from what I created when for example some people are not liking what I do, ’cause it’s all one, like having a baby or being your own baby or seed, making yourself grow into an evolved adult, or a tree or a flower. It can be very rewarding also, very special, sometimes magical, and a growing expansion of different aspects in my life and the people around too.
Without art in my life I would not know how to be alive at all, art is and was always what I am here for.

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