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Dream Walker – Chapter 16: The Finale

Dream Walker – Chapter 16: The Finale

Pain surged through Sally’s entire body, even though the bullet had lodged itself in her left thigh. She let out a wild scream of pain through clenched teeth, which forced out even more air out of her already deflated lungs. The blonde enjoyed looking at Sally’s prideful face seething in pain. He dropped her on the floor like a dirty towel. The fall ripping through her entire body. “The first person to try and suppress her scream! That was wonderful!” The blonde said as he clasped his hands with a smack. “You probably know who I am, since you’re a friend of that Japanese woman, but still, this question must be ringing in your head, I suppose” the blonde paused for a while and said in a high pitched voice, trying to imitate Sally, “why did he shoot me instead of stabbing me?” and roaded into a fit of laughter. “Well, because you’re also the first person who dared to attack me!” the blonde answered his own question as Sally tried to normalise her breathing. “But then, you aren’t just a friend of that smart woman, smarter than this hospital director here who never does his job properly or on time”, the blonde said looking at his watch and Sally’s eyes, which were closed and trying to overcome the pain, shot open immediately. “Wilson?” she managed to say without howling. “Yes. That one. See! He never fails to disappoint. All he had to do was keep a watch and report to me. I had to walk in when he couldn’t do even that!”, the blonde grunted. Sally clenched her teeth once again. This time, suppressing her anger rather than her pain. “Well, at least he did one thing useful enough for me to utilise. I finally have the ice primordial”, he said looking greedily at Sally. “You what?” Sally said confusedly, but she realised what he was talking about the very next moment. “Ahh, how would you know about it. Let me explain. I am a Klezhar. To be precise, we are a species superior to yours. We naturally have the ability to tinker with time, space and nature. That was until some of our ancestors slipped to the charms of some humans and didn’t just bond with them, but started families! Can you imagine the plight we had to face after that? We controlled everything. We were omniscient. But now, look at what has become of us. The one who could control all of nature can only control ice. The one who could control time can only slow it down by a fraction. And I, the one who should’ve been the dictator of the space, I can just pass through objects”, he said with pure rage and disgust. “Just because a whore like you had to come wandering to our palace!” The blonde yelled and kicked Sally in the stomach and she coughed up some blood. “Things didn’t just stop there, the later generations, which were corrupted by fucking humans and half-humans, their powers started to diffuse into each other. The result is that the nature primordial can now heal by slowing down and reversing the damage to any injury and the time primordial has subtle control on lightning”, his rant continued, “but, the silver lining to it is that even I developed some powers. I don’t just pass through or diffuse through objects. I can even converge them. This works for everything and not just objects. I can finally correct the incorrigible. I can finally unite the three powers and become the very moving force of this universe!” The blonde proclaimed with raised hands. Sally’s body wanted to faint, but her head was running at a thousand miles an hour. She knew that she had no chance of beating a man on whom bullets didn’t work. Only another primordial or whatever he called it could face him. Sally had to quickly do something. If Lauren reached the bait, she would lose her strength, because the modified medicines in the human dummy’s stomach acted as a buffer against the previous medicines. She quickly had to do something to avoid an absolute disaster.

In an abandoned warehouse at the outskirts of Feli-City, the toads and the crickets were noisily audible. The place was right next to a government-protected forest and was pretty damp. A dead-looking human body was tied to a large metal drum. A closer look would tell you that it wasn’t a dead body. In fact, it was never even alive, but it still resembled a fully functioning human who had somehow slipped into a coma. The already chilly night dropped a couple more degrees on the Celsius scale as a huge, streamlined, and agile creature landed on top of the warehouse. Its right hand tore through the roof of the warehouse and it jumped and landed on its long legs, its visage not visible in the low light. The creature observed the dummy for a second and then raise its right hand to strike again. A blue orb materialised in front of its hands and the creature turned a full one hundred and eighty degrees and launched a destructive ball of ice. To its surprise, there was nobody standing behind it. It turned towards the body again, but it was gone. The creature turned around again and saw a tall man in a big black overcoat and a black fedora. The creature examined the bagginess of his clothes, which suddenly started to fill up. As soon as the creature saw the change happen, it roared loudly and jumped at the man. The creature missed again, but this time, the man, instead of going behind the creature again, returned in front of him and kicked it on its chest. The creature stumbled a few steps back. The man charged at the creature again but stopped in his tracks when he noticed his boots were frozen with the ground. The creature used all four of its legs and pounced on the man only to be sent back a few steps as the man unleashed a few jolts of electricity. The man knew that he won’t be able to keep the creature at bay for long. He had to quickly finish this battle and retrieve the core of the primordial. He had already failed once when his whole torso was punctured with holes. He quickly removed his shoes and was about to charge at the primordial again, when to his horror, he fell face-first onto the ice-covered concrete floor. His eyes quickly shot a look at his overcoat which had been caught in the ice. The ice started climbing his face and a violent and dreadful scream escaped his lungs and the creature’s hand, which now had an icy blue longsword attached to it, descended onto his shoulder.

The creature lifted its arm, leaving the huge ice shard inside the man’s body. He was about to finish him off when the man attacked the dummy human with a small electrical jolt. The creature made a blood-curdling noise and stomped onto the man’s hand who screamed in pain. “If only I could have made a small crack”, the man sighed in disappointment and watched the creature walk towards the dummy and raised its claws for a strike. Just when its nails were about to connect to the dummy’s heart, the dummy exploded into smithereens, releasing a toxic fume all around.

“What was that beeping sound? What did you do? You whore!” The blonde yelled as he kicked Sally repeatedly in the abdomen. Sally had remotely destroyed the dummy, but she wasn’t sure if Lauren was caught in the blast since she was very close to the affected area. She had absolutely no time to ensure anything and all she could do was prevent Lauren from getting crippled by a light explosion that had seemingly fewer repercussions. A second later, Sally fainted. The blonde who was pacing in frustration didn’t like Sally taking a nap and stomped his heel onto her ribs. Sally made no movement at all and had a smile on her face. The blonde picked up Sally’s laptop and smashed it onto Sally’s bullet wound and said. The blonde kneeled on the floor. “If this doesn’t bring out the ice primordial from you, I’m sure this will!” The blonde said and poked his hand through Sally’s left breast and grabbed her heart and began to squeeze it. Sally’s eyes opened with sharp pain. She was screaming on top of her lungs. Another second later, the blonde released her heart and got up. “Another inaccurate information! WILSON!” the blonde yelled as he ran stormed out of the house.

The fumes floating in the air made the man in the overcoat weak, but he had the upper hand since he had more experience as a human. The ice which was gripping his face grew weak and he broke free. The creature was moving in a berserk manner, desperate to relieve itself of the unease. The man didn’t know how long he had been lying there, passed out. All he knew was that now he had the chance to take what he had come for. He got up and tried to summon his lightning powers but could only conjure a few little sparky jitters. He had to do it the hard way. He got up and had taken just one step towards the creature, when he heard the crunching of gravel behind him and when he turned around, a big baseball bat connected with his nose! “Stay away from Lauren!” the woman screamed. She was clearly terrified. A few seconds later, when he could properly focus on her face, he was stunned. “Sally?” Sally turned towards the man and saw him through his bloody face. “You can’t fool me with your deceptive appearance this time, Charlie”, she screamed and swung the bat at him again. Charlie tried to slow down time a bit and evade the hit, but failed miserably as the blow connected with his left molars. Through slurred and bloody speech, he still tried to speak, “at least listen to me, Sally! I’m not who you think I am!” Charlie yelled through the pain. “Why should I believe you, you hedonistic scumwad?” Sally yelled back raising the bat again. “Because you’re able to hit me!” Charlie said, bracing for the impact, but it never came. Sally dropped the bat and dropped to her knees and turned to look at the creature as it rummaged around the room for something to comfort itself. It looked nothing like her best friend.

“Who are you? And who is the man who attacked me just a little while ago?” Sally asked without looking at Charlie. “He’s Daniel. My twin brother. He is the space primordial and I’m the time primordial”, Charlie said in gasps. “He’s gone mad and is after the ice primordial. That’s Lauren”, he tried to speak again. “I know that part already. How do we stop him? More importantly, how do we stop her suffering?” Sally said pointing at Lauren. “Stopping her suffering is easy, but if we do that, we have little odds of winning against Daniel”, Charlie said. “HOW DO WE STOP HER SUFFERING! I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THIS BATTLE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR BROTHER!” Sally screamed, breaking into tears. Trying to shush herself, knowing that Lauren won’t live if they can’t beat the space primordial. “We just have to give Lauren control of the space primordial”, said Charlie. “Could you bring me that briefcase tucked safely behind that big wooden crate?” Charlie asked Sally. Sally quickly brought a bloodstained briefcase and handed it to Charlie. He opened the briefcase and a soft glow filled the room. The briefcase contained dozens of fireflies that started to wander lively in the warehouse. “We just feed one of these to her and she’ll be back to normal” Charlie said tiredly. “Why didn’t you do it earlier?” Sally asked. “Because this would also completely fuse the primordial with Lauren, and I wanted to retrieve the primordial from her and keep her out of this”, Charlie said and Sally felt herself weigh down with guilt. Charlie conjured a mini electric field and pushed the fireflies towards the ice primordial, who quickly turned around and engulfed them in its mouth. The creature then dropped on its knees and the helmet-like structure covering its visage and all the extra appendages vanished. The scaled body and the tail remained, but the appearance was more human now. And after a few more seconds, Sally could see Lauren’s face. “LAUREN!” Sally screamed as she ran despite her aching body and hugged her best friend tightly. Lauren opened her eyes and looked at Sally. “Where are we Sal?” she asked looking around. Her eyes fell on Charlie. “Charlie!” Lauren said out loud and Charlie waved at her.

Charlie and Sally explained the primary details to Lauren as quickly as possible. “I would have fought off Daniel myself, but with the shape, I’m in, I don’t think I can even scratch him. Moreover, he has the ability to copy the abilities of the primordial he is fighting, but it is only a temporary boost. I can keep the talents of others with me forever, but only about ten percent of it. That’s how I was able to heal myself faster at the hospital”, Charlie said. “But I can heal you up! This way we both can fight”, Lauren said. “No, that’s an offshoot ability of yours and drains more power. We can’t let you drain yourself”, Charlie said, dismissing Lauren’s idea. “But I don’t think I can do it!” Lauren blurted out. “Who do you think sent me to that hospital in the first place? You had me battered the first time we fought. The outcome wasn’t any different the second time either”, Charlie said. “But that was me on autopilot”, Lauren protested again. “Nobody can derive the primordial energy on autopilot. It was always you who was fighting. You were the one who chose to kill that evil rapist. The only reason you forget everything is because you were in the DreamWalker state. You are fully awake now. You have everything you need in your head”, Charlie said reassuringly. “Can Lauren copy the ability of her opponent?” Sally asked. “Good question. She can not only copy but can snatch and enhance the ability of any primordial if it is significantly weaker than her. But, whittling down Daniel’s strength won’t be easy”, Charlie said. “Quite the professor you have become, Charlie”, a voice boomed and all three of them turned to the entrance of the warehouse. Daniel was standing there, his face etched with fury and madness. “Well, I was thinking how bad my luck has been. How this whore single-handedly planned my failure. Why I handed that briefcase to Wilson. Why did I think about finding Wilson and killing him and let this whore escape behind my back due to my negligence, aarrgh”, Daniel said cracking his knuckles one by one. “But, all of it has fallen into place now. Thanks to you, you little whore, I have both these primordials right in front of me in the weakest state possible. I owe you and that Japanese woman a lot!”, he went on, his focus now turned to Lauren. “Would you look at that? I had never expected the ice primordial to be in the custody of another whore, but I must say, I’m proud of my handiwork. You smell so tasty, powerful, and weak with all the hearts I made you stupefy so far! Wilson’s drug really made things easy for me” he laughed. “Now, come to papa like a nice pig of slaughter, you whore!” Daniel said and charged towards Lauren. Sally swung her bat at him but in vain, as she was at a completely different than where she was before. “That was almost the last of my energy”, Charlie said. “We can’t get in the way Sally, Lauren has to do this on her own”, he said squeezing Sally’s shoulder and nodded at Lauren who jumped back inside the warehouse and towards Daniel. She fired a volley of ice shards at him, which passed through him without even the slightest of friction. “You will have to catch me off guard again like you did last time, you whore!” Daniel said as he ran towards Lauren. Lauren quickly raised a shield of ice, but Daniel emerged through it and punched her in her throat, and quickly dashed away. “You know you won’t be able to take cheap shots at me like that forever”, Lauren said so that Daniel spends more time near her while he’s vulnerable. Daniel smiled. “We both are so like-minded. None of us wish to waste any time in crowning me as the new God of this universe”, Daniel said as he conjured an icicle sword in his right arm. Lauren followed suit and came up with an icicle sword of her own. Daniel charged towards Lauren and swung his sword at her. Lauren tried to block the hit, but to her surprise, his sword passed through her sword and cut her right below her eye. “You shouldn’t have taunted me!”, Daniel yelled and laughed madly, “You shouldn’t have taunted me! HAHAHAHA!” Consecutive attacks rained on Lauren who was somehow evading the blows, but she wasn’t successful on all of them. Lauren tried to trap Daniel’s foot in ice whenever he tried to attack, but focusing and evading at the same time was too difficult for her. She conjured ice shields that blocked Daniel’s vision and then raise an ice column real quick and threw her sword at Daniel. The sword nicked his cheek. Daniel couldn’t bear this small victory of Lauren’s. He jumped back and started firing ice shards towards Lauren. The shards didn’t need to see where Lauren was behind her ice shield as they covered a wide area. In fact, her ice shield now became her enemy as it blocked her vision since the combat wasn’t melee anymore. Several ice shards lodged themselves inside Lauren, and she quickly healed herself, but another batch impaled her skin as soon as she was done healing her previous wounds.

“Struggling to keep pace, DreamWalker? Want me to put you to a permanent sleep? I’m far more efficient than my fireflies, you know!” Daniel said as he raced towards Lauren and passed through her, only to rebound off a wall and stab his sword through her back. “LAUREN!” Sally screamed. Lauren was on her knees. She was in too much pain to heal herself. While she knew how to execute each move, Daniel was obviously the more experienced fighter. Daniel was about to charge at her for the finishing blow when Charlie tried to intervene and block him. Daniel caught Charlie’s fist which was advancing towards his face and he twisted his arm and lodged his sword inside Charlie’s back and Lauren screamed as she saw it emerge from his stomach. “You can slow down time, sure, but I can slow it down, even more, when you’re weak, brother”, Daniel said sinisterly and tossed Charlie’s body aside like a butchered animal. Charlie was almost dead. He was barely clinging to life. Anger surged through Lauren, but the pain which was surging through her was even greater. Still, she somehow tried to get up. Daniel said, “no need to trouble yourself. I’ll be sending you right where he went”, Daniel smirked and ran towards Lauren one more time. Lauren was out of moves. Freezing his foot won’t work. An ice wall would put her at a disadvantage, attacking him directly was useless, but a memory clicked in the back of her head and Lauren screamed loudly. Daniel’s sword was just an inch away from Lauren’s throat, but he couldn’t reach her. His eyes were shocked to look at the massive piece of ice impaling him from his chest to his abdomen. Lauren forged a scalpel and cut his carotid artery like a professional surgeon and watched his horror-filled eyes watch her as he bled to death. Lauren quickly rushed to Charlie and started healing him. Sally ran screaming towards Lauren, looking at the deathly look on Daniel’s face. “How did you do it? How did you snatch his ability?” Sally asked. “I didn’t”, replied Lauren. “I used the ability of Charlie”, she said smiling. Charlie’s wound started to slowly heal, but he was still unconscious. Lauren and Sally sat quietly on the floor, watching the starry night sky of Feli-City.


“The Feli-City vampire claimed another victim last night. The victim, 42-year-old Arthur Wilson was the director of the Clementine Hospital situated in the heart of the city. What he was doing around the eastern suburbs is still unknown. The police is carrying on its investigation without any clues yet again”

“Turn that thing off. I have heard enough of it”, a woman said as she was walking down an empty street. Her girlfriend, who was keenly following the story of the Feli-City vampire was not yielding, “come on, Rebecca. You seriously afraid of this thing?” she giggled. “Well, not sure about that vampire, but you should really be afraid of us”, a man said with a gruff voice behind them and they both turned. A jeep pulled over and blocked their path and it had three men on it. “Get in the car”, the man said. His expression was serious and deadly. Rebecca clutched her girlfriend’s arm tightly. “I won’t fucking repeat myself. Get in the motherfucking car!” The man yelled. The temperature suddenly started to decrease. The guy who had come out of the jeep to force the women inside pulled his jacket closer. As soon as he was about to grab the arm of one of the women, a cold hand reached out for him and he screamed looking into the cold blue eyes of the Feli-City vampire.

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