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” Ryan, Cinthia, I know it’s hard for both of you to get over your emotions but even if you want to keep both of them, I must tell you again that it’s harder for both the twins. Since they are joined from the chest, so, they have only one heart. One heart that does everything for a human, in this case, does the same, but for two. You know it’s tough for them to live like a normal human. Please think about it”, the doctor narrated every word to make Ryan and Cinthia agree about separation of twins.

However, Ryan and Cinthia had already made their decision.

“We respect your advice doctor, but we want to let them live. Even if one of them has a life span of one day, who are we to take that moment away. If in future any complication arrives, you will be called first”, said Cinthia, straight and clear. A mother she was and a mother’s love is equal for all her children.

Ryan and Cinthia cleared the formalities and left the hospital.

They drove to their house where their parents were longing to see baby girls.

“Their eyes are shining bright, and the nose looks just like Ryan. The right one, we will call her Ella and the left one Bella. Ella-Bella my pretty granddaughters.” Ryan’s dad said.

” Right as in your side or in mine”, joked Ryan’s mom.

Everyone looked happy. No one was thinking of their lifespan as they all wanted to live that moment, at present. But they could sense the pain of Ryan and Cinthia.

” When you become parents, you share responsibilities. You know when you were a kid Ryan, you used to stammer. Kids used to bully you and you will come every day to me and complain about them. You remember what I used to say?”, Ryan’s dad wanted him to relieve the stress of being a social animal and rather think as a father.

“Yes ! I remember”, he nodded his head.

” They are all the same. But you are unique in your own way. And this phase will pass. You will one day, rant on them in one sentence, without a break. But we all love to take a break. Come let’s have a break.” He knew what his dad wanted to say.

“Just don’t think much. They are beautiful and we will cherish each moment spent with them. Let the world think about life and death. We should live at present. Come let’s have a break”, he handed Ryan a glass of wine and took him to join the rest of the family.

Playing with a fork and his empty glass, Ryan said, ” Cheers to our family! Cheers to my girls”.

They were all happy and celebrating the break.

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Karvi Gupta

A textile engineer on weekdays whom you can find painting or sketching on weekends. And one who writes anything that comes to her mind. Romancing through poems or terrifying through dark tales or just a philosophy she can simply write about anything, anyone.

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