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Do Aliens Exist? Here’s What a NASA Scientist Has to Say About It

The everlasting inquiry prowling in the personalities of each space aficionado is — does life exist outside Earth? Regardless of various space undertakings, we have been not able to discover any hint of life outside our planet up until now. Be that as it may, now and then we catch wind of a UFO found in some piece of the world. More often than not, these sightings end up being bogus alerts. Furthermore, others stay a secret. Taking into account that the universe is endless, we have scarcely started to expose what’s underneath. So the chance of discovering extraterrestrial life is totally open. A NASA researcher has attempted to resolve inquiries regarding outsiders and regardless of whether they exist.

In a video on NASA’s Instagram page, Dr. Lindsay Hays, an astrobiology master, says this is a truly intriguing inquiry — one that researchers have been attempting to comprehend and investigate for a truly prolonged stretch of time. All things considered, they have not had the option to find life on some other planet.

However, she adds, NASA keeps on searching for indications of life past Earth. The US space office has sent five wanderers and four landers to Mars. Also, their orbiters, equipped with staggeringly high-goal cameras, keep on continuing to investigate the Martian surface. In any case, just a minuscule part of Mars has been investigated up until now. The more they investigate, the more they find out with regards to various conditions for life to exist.

“So we can’t say yet regardless of whether outsiders exist,” Hays said.

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