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The internet has become a space riddled with malicious links and viruses. Data breaches are becoming more frequent, and users are more vulnerable than ever before. We are living in a world where everything is now connected to the internet. This gives us a lot of continence but what it is also doing is opening the users to a lot of threats and the risk of losing privacy. There is this quote you must have heard of, “data is the new oil”. Once upon a time, oil companies ruled the globe. During the 18th century, oil was the world’s most valuable resource.  Fast forward to the 21st century, data is considered to be the most valuable resource. So, as the value of data increases, so does the risk of having that data leaked or getting it into the wrong hands.

The companies these days are taking serious measures to secure the data they have. They have strong firewalls and very strong cybersecurity policies to make sure that the information of that particular company is completely safe. But this is all done on an enterprise level. As a daily user, you too have to be aware of a few things and make sure that you follow certain steps in order to be safe in this technology-dependent world.

Just don’t click on anything you see online. There are a lot of malicious links that pop up and if you click on them, they might install a payload in your machine. Always make sure to click on trusted links only. You should limit the use to only your trusted devices and not share your credentials with others or give remote access to any other system. Also, keep track of your digital footprint. Look out for any suspicious activity in your account. Always monitor your accounts and delete the ones you don’t use. Be sure to set strong passwords. Also don’t connect to any open Wi-Fi networks that you don’t know about. Always connect to a safe and secure network only. Also, keep up with the updates that you receive. They include various security patches to make your device more secure. Backup your data as not all malware authors want to steal the data, some just want to encrypt it in order to get money.

Always remember one thing, you’re not immune to cybercrime. There is no discrimination by cybercriminals when targeting users.  Not all mistakes can be undone with “ctrl + Z”.

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